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Name: Sarga
Birthday: Oct 4 1985
Location: Harrisburg, Pa
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My name is Sean and I have been studing Wicca for about 16 years. Cernunnos is my patron deity, I enjoy skateboarding, hardcore music, writing, art, and being in nature. I love magick and and study as much as I can about it. I mostly do crystal magick and energy work. I am also a registered 1st degree priest in the Correllian Wicca Tradition. I am looking for friends who have the same mind set. My Zodiac is Libra, my element is Air. If you have any questions about spirits, hauntings, possessions, energy work, and or anything involving the pagan paths mail me; I have gained a good deal of knowledge over the years. Also I will give advise on spells (Will not write them for you) and life's issues. If you would like to learn how magick works or the pagan path I teach lessons, but you must understand magick is not instant or fast so you need commitment. Message me if you would like lessons. Blessed Be!