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drassonus's Profile

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Name: drassonus
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 28 Mar 2008
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
You want to know a little about me...once upon a time I was a fairly gifted user. Unfortunately I was too young and hard headed to appreciate what I had. I wasted my talents with stupid stunts and tricks. Then I took the power for granted, I ignorantly assumed that the power would always be there when I called it. A White Witch whom I wish I'd listened too more, once told me that she'd met several others like me, and that if I didn't apply myself and continue to learn both about the magic and how it works, but how I could use it to affect the world around me, that I'd loose it. She told me that those of us who born with such innate talents are here because man is out of balance with the world, and that we all had a responsibility to work toward restoring that balance any way we can. I promise you a sixteen year old with a license and a car doesn't want to hear these things. I continued to use my talent to stupid tricks, causing a red light to change to green when I didn't want to wait, temporarily increasing my physical abilities to impress a girl I liked, (this didn't work by the way). Just as I was told would happen, now at twenty eight, I can barely manipulate the power I can feel all around me, I can sense what most call magic around me, and I can feel how tenuous it is. I still retain the ability to sense power (sometimes) but gone is almost all my ability to use it. The knowledge I once had of the art is diminished to next to nothing. Recently I was rather forcibly reminded that I do still have some talent, and when I was too stupid to know what I was doing I made a promise and there being magic involved that promise is binding, I've since learned such promises can be broken if you're willing to pay the price. After a lot of soul searching, however, and a little research, I've come to the conclusion that a promise to help restore balance in our world isn't a bad one to try to keep. So I come before you all now as the worst kind of student. I know some things, I've forgotten too many things, and I'm going to have to swallow my pride and admit that I messed up, now at this point in my life, I'm fat, I'm lazy, and I've sworn to uphold a duty that I have no idea how to begin with. A friend of mine, who was also similarly talented, once joked that it's a shame there aren't any magical drill instructors to straighten me and those like me out, and there are quite a few of us. I've known eight in my short life, and all of them have abandoned what they could have been in favor for other life styles. And to the White Witch who told me the truth when I was in junior high, yes I did figure out that you were a witch fairly quickly, and maybe you should have thumped me a couple of times with that broom handle. I can't say it would have done me any good, but with the other stupid choices I've made in my life thus far, it couldn't have hurt anything either.