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Name: lol3rcoaster
Birthday: Jan 21 1994
Location: California
Last Seen: Tue, 18 Jun 2013
Membership: Member

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My astrological chart Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0 Sun Aquarius 2.01 Ascendant Libra 12.52 Moon Taurus 28.33 II Scorpio 10.57 Mercury Aquarius 14.00 III Sagittarius 11.38 Venus Aquarius 3.16 IV Capricorn 13.55 Mars Capricorn 25.26 V Aquarius 16.10 Jupiter Scorpio 12.34 VI Pisces 16.20 Saturn Aquarius 29.14 VII Aries 12.52 Uranus Capricorn 22.50 VIII Taurus 10.57 Neptune Capricorn 21.17 IX Gemini 11.38 Pluto Scorpio 27.40 Midheaven Cancer 13.55 Lilith Aries 21.35 XI Leo 16.10 Asc node Sagittarius 1.14 XII Virgo 16.20 --------------------------------------------------------------------- I go by Alex. I am a generally quirky person. Recent to Witchcraft , but not the occult or magickal studies per say. I have a pretty well developed understanding on astrology and use it primarily for physiological interpretations. I'm not much of a fatalist so predictive astrology isn't my forte. I'll probably remember your sign/birthday before I remember your name. I am an eclectic pegan witch, so I believe that all religion has some underlying truth to it and I use deities from several different theologies. I'm leaning towards wicca though, so in a sense I feel somewhat Wiccan. My other forte (though still a developing forte)are spiritual beings. I like working with fairies and spiritual societies/beings. I have some natural "supernatural" abilities, but they're not necessarily insane. As a child (while I was more introverted) I was more inclined towards being quite psychic, but more recently it seems my spiritual abilities have veered further into the realm of telepathy since I've become a much more social soul. I love people, learning ,the familiar and unfamiliar so feel free to talk to me. I'm a classic Aquarian with a moon in Taurus, which makes me a bit softer than the typical air sign, though leaves me with the increadibly unconventional personality. Outside of magical interests -- I like to dress in Japanese street fashion (fairy kei, mori girl, lolita, visual kei, kodona. But lolita more than anything.), steampunk, punk, and I also like to crossdress. I believe gender laws are meaningless, and different gender is just a different method of dress/mannerism which shouldn't be altered by my physical form.I dress like a girl on my girl days and dress like a boy on my boy days. Whatever feels best for the moment, really. I feel cross-dressing also gives me the much craved variety that I desire in life, through my attire. I am pansexual (similar enough to bisexual if you don't exactly know what that is). I have a boyfriend, who is my sweet little Pisceas boy, but he is quite charged with Aquarius in his chart so it works out. My relationship status is, however , as unconventional as you would expect the relationship status of somebody with Venus in Aquarius. I'm in a half open relationship, meaning I may do whatever I want with girls. Though I have an unconventional perspective on relationships, my Mars in Capricorn still makes me quite shy and reserved in dating. Hah -- Its a bit ironic. I am open minded and pretty chill about things. I love making friends and chatting up a storm so feel free to drop me a message.I'm an art/creativity junkies. Its basically my main passion and forte in life. I am a classically trained musician in an array of musical instruments and self driven by my influences varying from blues, classic rock, swing, jazz, kpop, jpop, dubstep, classical, r&b or anything with sufficient artistic inspiration of significance. Passion is a big thing for me in art and life in general. Id say one of my absolute idols is Bob Dylan. I love old things, and my numerology reasonably states that I'm an old soul. i often use old people slang and am drawn to most things retro/vintage.Primarily from the Victorian up to late 1960s and everything in between. I love strangers and conversation so feel free to talk to me if you like :) I love making friends.