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Name: nikka747
Last Seen: Sat, 19 Nov 2011
Membership: Member

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FIRST OFF:I know and also hate it when I cant see who I am talking to, I just like to know your not the creepy stalker type before I let whoever snoop through my junk. Am I single?: No, not a chance , been with a man who has been one of my best friends for years the relationship has been rocky but all good things in life you have to work hard for I guess you cant take the easy road out. Would I be his wife? Yes of course there are the rare moments of hell But it's Worth the extra effort NOTHING IN LIFE IS EVER JUST HANDED TO YOU, An infant can not learn to walk if it is held constantly. Location: not listed Places lived: 12 states Do I believe in Magic stuff?: Not really, though I do have my Theories on lots of crazy Supernatural off the wall Random stuff I am pretty Weird one of the reasons I chose to build a page on this site. About myself: I'll tell a little bit about myself .. we'll keep it short for now, I'm odd, looking for intelligence & patience Conversation to blow my mind, learning new things with others like myself who have a passion to know far more than the basic norm. I don't claim any kind of religion though my belief in Heaven and Hell goes beyond belief but more of what I know as FACT and what I feel in my heart, Evil is REAL good is real Grace is real Justice is real There is a world War going on and we are stuck here with out anyone old enough to tell us the truth but what we feel inside and the text we read online and in ancient books all we have to go by now days, trust in what you feel, myself and others have seen enough proof to gather where to go from here. Sometimes the people hide things they fear most or dont really understand, for the most part they want you to grow up trusting that all the scary things out there are not real but Truth is fear of change is what keeps the world from evolving TRUST YOUR HEART AND THE ODDS out there like myself, The different, the real ones who have lost it are the ones who dwell on their own bitter self hate and live inside that tiny little box they call "Normal" While pretending to know everything based on f#@%ing man made Science the world leaders, elders all lose their self and sanity by focusing on blocking evolving and the power to let our minds grow all in all to Change Evolution, And I'm a young part of our youth that is taking many many small steps to make that Large STAND on behalf of us who are different and show the dumb and numb out there that you dont have to keep living in that basic box of self hated HELL. Change makes us Human A superior Supernatural Rare race That came to form from power of the mind placed by the heart. History: I grew up Catholic aside from what most roman Catholics believe in, I myslef went through numberous supernatural events that changed the way I saw things as a induvidual and as a Catholic, so I couldn't really call myself Catholic anymore cause the rules didn't make any sense in my case finding out the truth was in fact eye opening to even the blind, the years I spent collecting information on every religion come to find out each one puzzles together as ONE. I took out 18 years of my life and time I had to myself to research and study all of the above subjects so I could collect and come to a conclution of The supernatural, Heaven , Hell , so on and so forth I remember when I was three and my first far most worse moment of fear in my life and that was not knowing what the hell I was witnessing or what it meant, was I crazy? no , was there moments of OCD and PTSD? maybe ... I myself on the other hand can say that I have only came across maybe 2 others like myself who have long term memory that goes back to the moment they were born. In Science they have found brain function start to develop moments after conception, and for some this is the reason why majority believe abortion is the most unhuman action frown upon because ones like myself develop brain waves most of us call a soul that of what makes our heart beat, what makes us a person a thinking breathing living person so that is where memory started that is where my story begins, I can tell you how rare this really is and how small of a chance anyone has of remembering the moment they were born but I do and have spoken with doctors and my birth place and time all in all finding out truth and proof that my memories were in fact correct having this kind of understanding at this young of an age was rare, never heard of in history but brought up as a "what if?" question from time to time. My thoughts on the Matter: Hell I'm not sure anymore and that is one of many reason why I surf the net and book stores in search of any kind of answers to help myself understand a little more. Music: I listen to all kinds but country, I guess living around hillbillies can really put a damper on an open mind.