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Name: Hakuro
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I practice shadow magic, necromancy, hydromancy, pyromancy, and various other forms of divination. I also know hydrokinesis and pyrokinesis, although my skills in those areas may be rusty due to lack of practice. I am not new here, but I have been away for awhile. Send a message if you wish to have a discussion. Please do not bother me with roleplay, ignorant statements, requests to become a vampire, werewolf, mermaid, or other silly ideas like that. I will also not cast spells, perform rituals, or give energy to anyone I don't know, so don't ask. All you will do by requesting anything above is irritate me and severely lower my opinion of you. I will also refuse to answer if the message sent simply says "hi" or is otherwise shorthand or not English. Sorry if the previous paragraph seems unduly rude, but after you've been here for a few years I'm sure you'll understand. Lissenen ar'maska'lalaith tenna'lye omentuva, Namaarie