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Anam_Cara's Profile

Member Info
Name: Anam_Cara
Location: Jamestown, CA.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 28 Jan 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Merry Meet everyone, My name is Marcliff, but you can call me Marc, My Wiccan name is Anam Cara which is Celtic for soul friend, I am a 1st Degree High Priest. My path is Eclectic as I study Wicca, and study and practice many traditions. I am a solitary practitioner. For me I was drawn to this path when I was young I always felt a strong bond with nature. I always got excited whenever our family went on camping trips. I have always loved the sensations I feel when I am alone in nature, to feel the wind caress my naked body, to hear the trees talk to one another. To feel the cool water from a Mountain creek wash away the stresses from busy day, to drift along with the aroma of Mother Natures perfume, to hear the birds sing their praises to Mother Nature and her glory. I hope to gain a better understanding of my part in this path to be the very best I can be, to be a beacon for others to follow as well. To be as one with the Earth and all living things in it great and small, to always put others before myself and to teach Peace, Love, and Tolerance to all who ask. As I go through my training I also find that the feelings and energy grow stronger within me each and everyday, that my Bounds with the Lord and Lady are so much stronger then I ever thought they could be. I have always had a strong desire to learn everything I could about life on this planet, so I became a Biology Major when I entered college. Though it answered the Science part of life for me, it really, never answered the why for me. Past lesson I learn from is that we are all created equal; we all have the same strengths and weaknesses. However, for me that lesson came to me not very long ago when I was diagnosed with skin cancer and the ordeal that followed, I learned to never give up, that there is always hope. In addition, with every closing door a new one opens, a new path, a new journey is always available to those with open minds. To become a Priest, is to be willing without prejudice, to teach and share, not to judge or condemn, but to provide guidance, to help open closed doors to new journeys. Provide peace to all those who know them. I look forward to what lies ahead for me on this path, and I know that my life will be better for it. I met Lady Akasha Ravenwolfe and Lady Dharma Chai at the Pagans Heart Coven & School of Magick, in 2008, where with their Patience and guidance they showed me that the answers that I was seeking where within me all along. Ana all I had to do was open my heart and let the Magick in. With their guidance, I completed my 1st degree training I am currently enrolled at the Horizons Coven & School of Magick seeking my 2nd degree with Lady Dharma Chai. I have lived in Sonora, Twain Harte, and am currently living I Jamestown, which are all part of Tuolumne county, and all are within an hours drive west of Yosemite National Park. I am currently married to a my soulmate Kathy, who is my life and every bit my hero... I have a son Andrew 24, and a step son Danny 44... May the light of the Goddess brighten your path always... PLL&H Anam Cara