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Name: Kalishta
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The very first time I used magic I was 13 (current age is 33 in the year 2013) and did not know what I had done, let me explain. My grandmother had been having trouble with back pain and I sat behind her and gave her a massage. At some point during that I "spaced-out" and was "forced" back when she went to make dinner. Next thing I knew I had a killer headache and nothing worked to get rid of it until I demanded that the pain leave. Almost as suddenly as the pain came, it left. The next "magical" encounter I had was a few months later when I got a glimpse of my future threw a dream...the second time I recieved a "future" dream I started getting really curious about the rest of the magical world and wondered if it really did exist. Much later (like in my 20's) I had learned a bit yet there was still so much unknown to me. Then I met a man that did not like "that sort of stuff" so I had to hide it and eventually fell out of practice. However, I have since found a man that accepts and even practices a little with me and I would like to, at the very least, get back to where I was and possibly farther along. My preference is in healing and candle magic but I am interested in learning as much as I can about all other forms as well.