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Name: kathulu
Location: chile-region de tarapaca-alto hospicio
Gender: Male
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HiI have17 years'm a newbiebut with hard workand perseverancewe reached ahigh l evel ofwisdom

.Myreal name isconfidential butyou can call me:kathulu

kathulu (Cthulhu)is a charactertaken fromthe literature ofHP,is a mythological characterof horrorbased on the existenceof parallel universesand beingsfrom spacethat existed"before time"

.I like therockin all its formsbutlesspopbut I likeheavy metalandtrash

I like the mealsof mycountry :) andIlike the sealandscapesFacinasubmarineworldthatI think arearrecifesyMGICand I like thelow lightas myhabitacin:)

!that's allnice to meet you!0_o!