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SonicLuvver's Profile

Member Info
Name: SonicLuvver
Birthday: Sep 10 1997
Location: The Strange Land I Visit All Days Everyday in my Head
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 24 Feb 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi Im Sonic. I do not wish to give my real name so if your addressing me, call me Sonic. I am a girl! Just so you know. I have always been interested in magic and mythology and more. I believe in alot of things that most people say dont exist or arent real. I am new to magic, not completely, but I do hope to become more expierienced. I do prefer black magic over white magic though. I hate being told what to do so I do what I want. If I dont want to do something, nothing is gonna make me do it. I always say my opinion, no matter the consequences, or how mean it is. If you don't like it, well, isn't that your problem, not mine? Some people call me crazy. but really, who in this world isnt at least a little bit? But im okay with that. I can be crazy alot. Well, thats just me. Deal with it. I do have a tendancy to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and mess my good friendships up somehow. I would live in the Rennaisance times if I could because I simply find it more interesting and fun than now. There were way more castles people lived in and not just ruins. I dont even think there were ruins back then. They rode horses more and used swords to kill people and not just a stupid gun. They had to train to be a good swordsman instead of just "point and shoot". I like the clothing they wore then to. I ecspecially like cloaks. I like the mysterious look when people are wearing them. Overall, its better! I cant pick a favorite of alot of things like music and movies because I simply like too many to decide! I like alot of shows and movies in the fantasy category like Merlin or Harry Potter. I love animals. I love too many of them I cant pick a favorite but I do like wolves alot. My favorite breed of dog that would be considered a normal housepet is a Doberman. I love them. I have trust issues so dont expect me to trust you right off the bat. I get along with guys better than girls. Also, most girls are wusses. If I want something, I wont stop until I get it. I am detemined to get what I want and I cant help it but I will literally do anything for it. No exaggeration. Take this extremely seriously. When I know what I want, I know how to get it. And I do get it. I am very good at persuading people to do things or convincing them to do something for me. I dont get suicidal thoughts. I think, "Now why would I want to kill myself? I like living this life I live. Why would I take that away from myself? If someones gonna die, its not gonna be me. " I think, why take away your life when theres so much you havent seen? Take away someone else's. Thats just the way I see it. Yes, I do have a very messed up mind but thats me. I cant help who I am and im not gonna change who I am either. I rarely sleep and if I do its only a few hours every couple of days. I dont get tired. You will never, ever, in this lifetime or another, ever, hear me say im tired. I like crystals and gemstones because I think they look cool. And If you are wondering, if I was a guy, (which im not), I would be gay. Why? Have you seen alot of the famous guys in the world? Uhh, all the straight guys out there, what are you thinking? I mean seriously people. Birthday?- September 10th, 1997 Zodiac?- Born in the year of the Tiger Gender?- Female Birthstone?- Sapphire Sign?- Virgo If you think I am leaving something vital out on my bio, I strongly recommend telling me so I can add it. If you have any questions you would like to know about me, feel free to ask. But always remember, when they say theres no where to hide, think of it this way. There's nowhere to hide, but everywhere to run. xD