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I am learning everyday about Wicca. More and more things become known to me through my reading and my inquiries to those knowledgeable :) The best thing about me, I guess, is my willingness to learn. I love finding out new things about this. I have an open mind and I absolutely abhor prejudice. And now, I will stop because this is sounding more and more like I'm applying for something... Okay, now for the personal things... I love Evanescence, Paramore, Taylor Swift and many others but they're mostly a song or two from each singer/band. I love reading books but they have to be Romance before I pick it up XD I also love writing stories. I have had premonitions ever since I was young. Sometimes, I have dreams that mean something is going to happen too. I am really interested in the elementals. I think I have an affinity for water and air. I feel a connection with them, I guess :) I sensed spirits as a child but unfortunately, I got so scared because I thought I was going crazy since I was the only one hearing the voices and sensing their presence, I unknowingly closed my third eye which I am trying to open up again just a little. I am also an empath. :D I love helping people with their problems so if ever you need someone to talk to, feel free to mail me. Root:open(38%) Sacral:open(38%) Navel:open(38%) Heart:over-active(75%) Throat:open(56%) Third Eye:open(62%) Crown:open(38%) Psi-Q: 81 ESP: 81 Psychokinesis: 69 Precognition: 100 Scrying: 100 Auras: 88 Mediumship: 56 Channelling: 94 Past Life: 56 Luck: 50 Intuition: 81 Imagination: 100 Paranormal Belief: 94 Credulity: 100