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Hello my name is Colten, I am a intermediate practitioner looking for help and guidance I have the desire and the passion for the craft I have had it since I was but a child watching Merlin on "The Sword In The Stone" kinda lame yes but it was what sparked my interest. I would like to learn so that I can possibly help others with my abilities free of charge because I do not believe in using magic for money I see it as making yourself spiritually broke every time. Life is hard but there are ways to overcome or everyday problems, magic just makes it a little easier I have found. I can: Write spells Learn them quit quickly Teach Give good advice on how to achieve a spell And most of all..... I love doing research. I am a free spirited person I love to experience new things and hear new ideas I am always ready to learn something new and gain something new. I am looking for a Teacher if any are willing to teach me in a higher art of magic. If you have any questions feel free to message me.