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Name: Duir
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Hello everybody, my name is Eric. I have believed in the spiritual and have experienced it since elementary school. Some things I have encountered or experienced: a demon, shadow people, spirits, a psychic vampire, cleansing a house of negative energies, strange pains in my head in a cemetary, the viewing of auras around family, friends, and of a priest. Dreams that have come true, A waking-vision, being able to hear peoples thoughts when close by them, manipulating candle flame, experimenting with auric sensing and healing, and the last thing I can recall at this moment would be how if I'm staring into the sky even on a cloudy day I will see small bright lights being connected by a thin "cord" that looks electric in nature. These bright lights look more like stars. Also, I see waves rushing towards these lights and the waves look like sonar.... I know this seems like alot but to asure you, I am no master of the arcane arts. I am just like alot of you, seeking and striving to be at one with myself, the earth, and the universe. No matter what path I take to get there. Robert Frost once said 'I took the path less traveled by and it has made all the difference.' and I agree it has. Some other misc things about me... *First thing is that you can ask me anything or tell me anything. I'm not going to be judgmental or not answer your email. *Second thing you need to know is that I am a kid at heart, but I still know how to be grown up. *third thing about me is I love music, art, food lol, the beach at night, nature in all its shapes and forms, and life itself. *by the way i am originally from michigan and live in florida now, its a long story just ask.