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Name: Geminis
Birthday: May 31 1989
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 15 Jan 2016
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Hey Everyone!

I live in the United States, and more specifically, Virginia. I've lived here all my life! I enjoy working with magic and working magic for other people and seeing their happy faces or hearing stories from them of how the spell I worked for them helped!

I started off in witchcraft early when I was a kid. I found out that my cousin was practicing and I wanted to know more. One day she came over and she started to teach me a few spells. After hours of playing/learning it was time for her to go. She accidently left her book at my house which she was teaching me out of. So I picked it up and was hooked ever since. I wanted to learn as much I could as fast as I could!

Over the years I have brocaded my views and became more eclectic.

I have been practicing the art of magic for over 10 years now and I have a great deal of experience and knowledge under my belt, but I still have much to learn just like everyone else. I love to help people and seeing those around me succeed. I do NOT do any harmful spells and I tend to stay closer to the lighter side of things; after all you have to keep in mind the rule of 3, and karma can really bite hard at times too if you do the wrong thing!

I use to have my own coven, but we have gone our separate ways now. There was no hard feelings, no disagreements or anythings else like that; I guess you could say we grew out of it? Anyways, it was quite successful but it was time to move on.

I have a gift that I'm still trying to master, and that is my psychic ability to "see" and "hear" things that aren't there, and occasionally see what's ahead. I have had this ability since I was kid, and I never used it until just recently. I would love to connect with more people who have this ability and who can teach me a few things about it as well.

I do a lot of energy work, such as Reiki, and grow my own herbs; I have a little over 50 herbs now and counting. I am level two Reiki and I have to say this gift too, it quite amazing! I use to do a lot of elemental work and some divination too! I still have my dowsing rods, my tarot cards, my pendulum, and my rune stones! Out of all of them, I would have to say I have had more success with rune stones.

I do some ghost hunting off to the side as well. I am not scared of the dead, but I do hold a lot of respect for them. I have made quite a few encounters with them and have even been followed home by one harmless one. Sadly, she has moved on but I will call out to her every now and then and light three little tea light candles for her.

Needless to say, I am reaching out once again in hopes that I can connect with people who share my interest and so that I could learn a thing or two from them and maybe one day start up a coven again!