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Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous
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lifeless's Profile

Member Info
Name: lifeless
Location: In the depth's of your child hood
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 01 Jan 2017
Membership: Contributor

Myspace: view

Personal Bio
Shadow Abilities Group Member

i try to think of all the people i look up to

or growing up who would i be

now the twisted part

whered all my idols end up

they all passed away

passed away

I am the one who failed at life.

A man who does nothing but dream should dream forever.

My name is lifeless i have a thirst

for blood so you may call me a vampire

if needed i use swords and chains

i have been trained by the shadow so i am skilled.

Honestly i just want to die a horrible death

i dont want to be here anymore

i want to be dead and away from this place.

I am a horrible person

but some people seem to like me dont know why.

I feel so empty all the time.

But when the high comes crashing down where will I be found

I'll be underground burning away

And when the high comes crashing down where will I be found

I'll be underground burning away

I guess all I'd say is that...

Well why apologize I plead for no forgiveness

I'm goin' straight to hell and I deserve their business

Its useless don't know why I have this illness in me

This killness in me I always knew that to hell they'd send me

Every day was a nightmare only all very real

Its not enough, Its not enough. It never was or will be.

I never had the chance to thank you... For Ripping Out My Heart!

Its not enough, Its not enough. It never was or will be.

I never got the chance to say...

Dont wanna be your tourniquet, for minor lacerations!

Dont wanna be your Romeo cause your no Juliet!

(You always did know... Just what to say

I ain't scared of dyin

Death I've been there

The pine box for many years

My return ain't bull ain't no reincarnation

Get lost in translation

my friend he was a priest cold blooded hes dead

Never seen a bluer sky

Yeah I can feel it reaching out

And moving closer

There's something about blue

Asked myself what it's all for

You know the funny thing about it

I couldn't answer

No I couldn't answer

Things have turned a deeper shade of blue

And images that might be real

May be illusion

Keep flashing off and on


Wanna be free

Gonna be free

And move among the stars

You know they really aren't so far

Feels so free

Gotta know free


Don't wake me from the dream

It's really everything it seemed

I'm so free

No black and white in the blue

Everything is clearer now

Life is just a dream you know

That's never ending

I'm ascending...

Do you ever wonder what it is like to be slowly dying

standing in front of the mirror cutting yourself crying

thinking why you are here and why you are like this

knowing that no one cares about you they don't give a piss

i feel this everyday but i am still here for some reason

i don't know why i am still breathing

i lost my love once again but this time i don't care

i thought the pain i could not bare

but i still cut my arms

telling myself i will cause no harm

i will start to slowly die

every night i seem to cry

i wonder why you left

and that you wanted my last breathe

you left me so wrong

but time has passed it seems so long

i still love you but i found someone

you hated me and i was torn

but my new found love really wants me

i don't know why i cannot see

just want you to know that i could never hate you

you left but your my friend nothing i can do

Blood Stains these veins and the way that I can only explain is it insane

The world's gonna celebrate when I hang

How can I change my life when all I have is pain

Inside of me for all to see

I'm gonna break my mind and try and smile again

Outside of me for all to see

I'm beside myself and I don't understand

I need some time to breathe and

Wake up from my master plan

I don't fit in

but I'm sure in no time I'll be on your shit list

then you'll..

It's a shame to be hated on so angrily

And all these people who came to see the demise of me

And the disguise we in analysing me to the sight of me

When I live in society, with all these people we call friends

And when the hook-up's gone it all ends, so we sit there alone and pretend

Holy water feels like torture fallin on my head

Demons whisper in my ear don't worry son your almost dead

You see I cannot be forsaken

Because I'm not the only one

We walk amongst you


Must we hide from everyone

My fear is fading

I can't speak it

Or else you will dig my grave

You fear them finding

Always winding

Take my hand now

Be alive

Your eyes

They flow

From all the pain I caused

I lost my cause

I only broke your heart

Alone I cry

I tried so hard to break you

I love you

I hate you

Why wont you let me go?

All the smiles you've had to fake

And all the shit you've had to take

Just to meet us here again

I never have the things to say

To make it all just go away

To make it all just disappear

I sit alone and watch the clock

Trying to collect my thoughts

All I think about is you

burning in hell but dont deserve to be

If you're reading this

Then I finally did it

I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye

There was no time

Understand I was stressed

Living day to day was hard

And I gave it my best

But there was nothing left

For me in this world

To convince me to stay

Now I'm long gone away

Don't you do that

Don't you start your tears

Just remember all the time we spent over the years

Never cry

Never think bad to me

What's done is done and that's the way it had to be

I need you to be strong for me

Say your prayer everyday in my memory

I'm sure it's helping me

To earn my feathers

To get some wings

And a halo and a harp and angelic things

And even though I'm gone And outta sight

Never worry about me

I'm alright

You only saw the outside

Never knew what I was feeling

Now everyday you lay in bed staring at the ceiling

But you don't see me no more

You can fill your heart with memories

And things from before

But everybody got a purpose in life

To survive when the sunrise

You gonna live to see another day

Just don't follow me and live your life your own way

I'll be in set and if you forget

Get the picture with the cord around my neck

See me underground and I'm stuck

But it's cool that's where I wanna be

Keep the drama in hand but outta sight

And know that

I'ma be alright

give up my soul to hell and tell heaven i did my best

They all are so far behind. We're so ahead of our time. Follow our leader to the spiral.

Everyday when I wake up

All I really wanna do is die

And go to the next phase

Ground up flesh is consumed

Can you keep a secret i hear whispers in my ears.I do as they tell me keep it secret.

Black sand flouting in the sky.

Running through the fire the devil will follow me.

my hearts cold

my bodies weak

i have been told

yet i can not speak

the pain within kills

while i slowly die

i don't cut for thrills

as time passes by

im not pained

that im without love

theres nothing to be gained

as i drift above

i wont to die slow

as i see her face

i still wont to go

to get away from this place

It ain't no place to be, trust me

And why is that you ask

Ain't no lights at the end

There's only darkness on my path

Tortured souls fill the realm I call home

Without the Reaper's guidance

To lead them out the dead zone

It's plain and clear

Don't spend eternity here

With others like them

Who took their own life out of fear

Why couldn't they just see that everybody's got a time?

Let the Reaper do his job, man

He's doing just fine.

That's me,

the one you see awaken in dreams

Saint or sinner,

the message is embedded in the mixture

Hungry as they might come

Raised from the dirt and scum

and programmed to be no one

So many times i sit and ask myself why are u afraid to die.

What is this fear that blinds u

Is it the thought of uncontrollable pain or

Suffocating loss of oxygen to your brain

Is it the people u have in your heart

The ones closest by your side when your soul departs

Its just a question that haunts mankind

Where am i going? Is there an afterlife

I sit and think about it and my blood runs cold

The mysteries of life and all the stories untold

Why we here? Where we going? Why do I exist?

Is there a point or any answer to all of this?

Will my spirit walk restless amongst the grave?

Haunting generations in a vile of rage

Or will my body just rot for maggot feast?

Gnawing on my bones while i rest in peace




shadowblades(like a brother)

lowlifeloser(close friend)

chaos(good friend)


White Rose(friend)


shadowmark(good friend)

jessluv(close friend)





predator_350(funny guy)


Nash(awesome guy)



if anyone is forgotten ask.... if you cross any of my friends you cross me and i will hurt you i dont care who you are




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