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Name: FireBlossom
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Hello there, I am FireBlossom, or, well, that is my display name anyway. It looks cool and I neded an alias. I am not new to the craft, nor am I an expert. I am interested in almost all kinds of magick, right from healing to cursing. I have no intentions to harm those who do not deserve it, not that I am one to judge who shall live and who shall not, but I have no intentions of harming anyone for the time being, as nobody is a danger to me. If someone were to hurt me or those I care for I can not say what I would feel, so it is very hard for me to talk about the whole "Nobody should have the right to take anothers life." thing, as I would problably seek revenge. I do love alot of things, and I try to see the good in everything. Do not thing I am some all-good-nature-animal-person-child lover though, I have my bad sides as I believe everyone does. The difference is that I accept mine. My Element is Earth, atleast that is what I am bound to through my zodiac sign. I feel drawn to the Wind and Fire, but I have accepted the fact that the Earth might be the more natural for me to manipulate and work with. I hate Water. Really, I know it is the most relaxing thing for some, but for me it is really a big burden to be near Water, except when I am showering, naturally.