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Hi I am a female I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am bi sexual I Have Ice blue eyes and black hair with electric blue streaks (but its naturally golden brown) IM SORRY FOR MY LONG LEAVE OF ABSENCE!!! I have't had much time to check my profile because school is really taking a toll on me it being my first year of high school and all. I am hopeing to be able to come back more often now! SOME GENERAL INFO ABOUT ME ****************************************************************** Name: still thinking on that.... Age: 14 Element: Fire special abilities: I was born naturally physic, and (not to brag) but I have an extremely high I Q which makes it easy to learn telekinesis Spirit animal: thought it was a Hawk but I did a meditation and it appered to me as a baby wolf. sun sign: Virgo zodiac sing:: Ox My "label" in teenage society: Emo/basket case (And extremely proud of it!) Things I like: Reading, writing, acting, drawing, video games, training to become a ninja! and *drum roll* ANIME!!!!!!! Things I don't like: Control freaks, men who don't think women can be as phyically strong as them, jerks, people who are narrow minded, people who try to beat down my spirit, AND math religion: pagan/wiccan Favorite music: Rock/alternative Favorite movie: don't have one right now Favorite color: Black Favorite quotes: "Darkness dose not always equate to evil, just as light dose not always equate to good" Nyx house of the night series. "Sometimes dead is better" Jude Pet semitary. "I'm more of a warrior than a simple magican" Piccolo Dragon ball Z. "IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!" Vegeta dragon ball z. "There is no such thing as a bad plan, just poorly exicuted awesom ones" Daemon Vampire diaries. Favorite emoticon: >:3 relationship status: single I guess that's enough about me if you want to be my friend than don't hesisitate to meassage me I don't bite. Not usually anyway! :D. Blessed be! )O(.