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Name: Amoroth
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My name is Adam Clarke. I am half Scottish and Israeli and live in Scotland near Edinburgh. I have practiced witchcraft for about a year i would say. I am able to help people who need. I have a great interest in all types of mythology but I mostly like Greek and Nordic mythology. I love all work by J.R.R.Tolkien and I am interested in what he wrote in his books and what he related them to. My musical interests are Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Coldplay, Radiohead and Muse (i know a weird combination). I am a huge gamer and i play on Xbox (my gamertag is TectonicCrab) and PC (i use steam user is warhero4343). I like to play the total war game series (medieval 2 rome and empire), fallout series, elder scrolls series, halo series and many more (not really). I am hugely interested in history, such things as Teutonic Order, Knights Templar, The Knights of St John, the Prussian Crusades, The Holy Crusades, Napoleons Conquest, The British Empire, The Duke of Wellington and many more :D. Also i am interested in religion and philosophy . I have a strong opinion on the Israeli and Arab/Palestinian conflict and i am very patriotic to my country. I am a racist and Im glad to admit it. But im not one of those people who are gonna go in chat and preach about hating other races. Thats what blogger is for ;). I much prefer winter to summer because i feel more comfortable and relaxed in the cold and uncomfortable in the heat. I happily accept mail from anyone so if you want to chat go ahead :) My dream is probably wanting to be the starting wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys i beat the Redskins in the NFC Conference Championship with a game winning play. XP The type of magick that i want to practice and i have researched is: Elemental Magick Shadow Magick (will begin to practice soon, any help will be appreciated) Summoning Deity Worship And others.. (if you want to know just mail me) THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE My historical idols are: Arthur Wellesley,Duke of Wellington Napoleon Bonparte Richard the Lionheart William Wallace Genghis Khan Julius Caesar Winston Churchill Sun Tzu Saladin Ivan the Terrible Fredrick the Great Hannibal Alexander the Great Sargon the Great The Path i walk it is lonely and endless. I walk it alone. Without support. Without help. I find my own way to my goal. The forgotten goal. The Unknown. There will be no mentors there.. no supportive friends just I and Myself. The journey of a thousand miles that begins with a single step. Today and the Future I shall Walk The Path of the Lonely Samurai....and may it be. This is a random beginning of a story i did when i was bored you can be the judge if its good or not. XD "Step forth, Brother Roderick", said the old voice of the Grand Master. Roderick stood up another step and kneeled in front of the Grand Master. The light from the church window shined on him. "Raise, Sir Roderick Sergeant Knight of the Golden Cross." Roderick stood boldly in front of the Grand Master. "I exile you from the Order of the Golden Cross, dew to crimes of heresy. I provoke your rank and take your mantle from you. Deus misericordiam tuam animam". Roderick stood tall as he was strip of his mantle and his armour. He was allowed to only keep his ceremonial dagger this would be his only reminder of his former knighthood. Roderick turned and looked at his now former brothers. David was there is greatest friend they both fought honourable beside each other. Roderick slowly walked to the main door of the church, he turned to get a final look of his former brothers and grand master. He kept his head up and left the church. He looked to the skies and the rain hit his face. "Dimitte mihi peccavimus Domino i" he cried. Respect To All of Those in 38th Armor Division, Northern Command ,Golani Brigade. You fought and die bravely for the great country of Israel.