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Name: MoonLover
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MY BIO ------------ :D omg came all the way here look at my bio..:) im flatterd! but you should know flatery will get you...EVERWERE :D ok well i guess ill start of with the basics ------------------------------------------------ BASICS ok ...i cannot im not shure i spelled basic right?...i think i did o-o .... and know im not blond thank you -_- name:anna gender:female(if its not obviouse o-o im not shure what that one word is but:im straight:) age:14 eye coler:green(changes colers sometimes to green and hazel mostly green though. religion:jesus crist...but if you belive in something els please messege me i love to here otheres point of view:) hight:5''2 ...yea,yea im short but oh well i use tall ppl for shade:) im the last to know it rains...but the first to drowned-_- intests:drawing,dancing in the rain,singing out of tune:),hangin with friends makin good memories,and magic OF COURSE! ------------------------------------------------------- MAGIC AND STUFF ok so im new to all this...well i been on her for maybe a year now but i havent studied magic(some of the basics) but i just find spells i like and do them...i meen i build up energy and all i can do that:) but if you could give me advice ABOUT ANYTHING thank you so much what ever your into teach me all you know i would love a teaher:) --------------------------------------------------------- LIFE ok im putting this on here becouse i think its really imprtant to me:/ i have had a really hard childhood your probly sitting thre sayin anylife is better then mine haha no! you dont know how good you got it evan when things seem the worst! they could be being beat,neglected,unwanted,unloved,made fun of. well dont bitch becouse someone somewere els probly has it worse! ------------------------------------------------------------ ABILITYS ok yes i have abilitys and yes there is a story behind it:) i love story time TEE HEE:) ok so i always new i was diffrent a outcast ppl migt call it but i dont care thoughs ppl can kiss my a** anyway im kinda gitten of suject here o-0 so i figgured all this out when i was 12...took me 12 years but i got it! i was sitting in my moms care getting back home and i was thinken about all the other times when...i could feel something happend and IT ACTUALLY was really confusing and all i couldnt tell if i was crazy or what but i remembe one time when i got in a fight onthe bus(thats another story that ill share later) but in the morning...i..i could ...i new it something bad was gonna happen...kinda freked me out a litttel but also in a really oddish cool way o-o -------------------------------------------------------------- the story about me gettin in a fight on the bus ok so some of you may no how i feel but im not that popular:/ i have always wanted to be that it girl you know that girl who is always perfect and evryone loves her:/ the blond blue eyed girl...well unfortually thats not me:/ alot of ppl make fun of me. they call me a whore or a slut but i dont do anything to themT_T it ushally dont bother me but sometimes it getts me...anyways of topic again. me and my friend were sittingon the bus and some girls kenna and riley wer in front of us(the popular kids) kenna was in front of my friend and riley in front of me and for some reason kenna turns around and says to my friend to fukking stop...and my friend says no(to watever she was doin) and riley turns around and hits me in the vajina? and you know i get really mad esaly but i tried to not git up and through her out of the window so i make a joke about it and say''haha you vajina toucher'' bc if i didnt i wouldve killed someone and then the girl has the nurve to punch me in the face! and then there goes my timper wen she starts to sit down i get up pull her hair bakk and bang my fist in her face over and over i swear if no one wouldve stoped me it would have gone on and on intil kenna kickes me in the chest but at that point i was mad! and me kenna and riley are the same hight and all but everyone a my school thinks im all weak well you should of seen there faces haha and now she dosent hav the guts to come sit in the back again! and i dot ussally get like that. my rule is dont ever hit someone unless they hit you first. --------------------------------------------------------------------- EXPERENCE WITH SPIRITS! ok so im shue im not the only one but i have messed with a weejee bord. i no,i no there dangerpuse...well yes,yes they are!...unless you know how to use it:) ok so me and some friends were playin withone outside me,katie and tasha so were talkin to boe right. and he used to live in my house funny story they got murderd in there...ok not so funny.littel creepy but yea boe had a mom,sis,dad and mom and his dad killed them exept the littel girl she died in a car fire. and i kept seeing boes mom in the corner of my eye o-o i ask boe who it is and he said his mom so like the littil weirdo i am i go over and try to say hi...well how was i supost to know she didnt have know eyes? and i scare her and she throughts the cup of the weejee bord o-o yea it kinda scared us lol but was so cool! i asked why she did that and she said she got scared but know worries i say sorry and she says it was fine and all so its cool.:)....and i know what some of you are probly thinking...well anna arnt you scaredto sleep at night? answer..nah there good spirit and i have got to know them there like friends. :O witch reminds me....i no this is a bit creepy but i can feel them yea i was goin to my ex baseball game(that dushbag-_- .....and i took boe along :) we held hand it was weird i could feel him...but so could my friends and i asked him to slap me jut to feel it and omg it felt like a bunch of energy hit my face lik when i was holden his hand felt like energy soooo cool:D (so have to do it again some time) --------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS ok id like to thank, the women who made this made all this possible:') the mods:) i lve you guys! pshhh no im not sukking up! heh heh...did i metion i love you guys... all my stalkers out there :) i made this bio for you so you dont have to ask a bunch of questios :) anddd ummmm uhhh....hmmmm oh id like to thank me....for being me! and sticking around and hangin in there through all the ruff times. ----------------------------------------------------------- THE END :o the end already? hmpf no worries you can always mail me:) im friendly and i LOVE mail no matter who you are! i cannot belive you are intrested in littil old me y=to get this far:) soooo, heres a cookie -throughs you cookie- :) i love you!