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Name: Aithne
Birthday: Nov 27
Location: USA
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Hello...Wow, where to begin? Well I want to make this very clear: I am not here for online dating! This is a site for knowledge and communication, not romance. So keep love in reality and out of the internet! Thank you!
As I said this is a place for knowledge and that is what I am here for. In my current circumstance I have very limited resources, so with the few books I have and my handy-dandy laptop, I will scour the internet to satisfy my need for knowledge. Any help would be very appreciated.
Now, about me. I live with my christian mom and brother, in the U.S. I go to school, hang with friends, do chores, the normal teenage things. I am very smart, and talented. I succeed in all my classes, and in Fine Arts. I am not in a coven, as of late, in the mundane world. I love cats, and books, and music. I sing, and dance and write. I love to study and to learn. Right now I am studying the qualities of herbs and also I am studying astrology.
I have had a crack at forming my own coven, while failing miserably, I learned I am going to need a lot more training to be a successful priestess.
Anyway..that's me.
Blessed be.