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I have been a part of this site for many years now. I am of age and I love learning, I have been practicing the craft for 4-5 years now and you really can never stop learning. Please do not message me asking about seeing a werewolf or how to turn yourself into a vampire because all of that stuff is fantasy. If you would like to message me with your questions or a request for help feel free, I'm a friendly person. The subject I am currently focusing on is herbs, their uses, origins, remedies and other uses in magick for them, I have been studying herbs for almost 2 years, I love to hear from people who are highly skilled in this subject. The one regret I will always have is that I couldn't learn more, life is the most precious gift you'll ever get and you could lose it so easily. Every inch of my body, mind and soul is dedicated to my religion. Blessed be. - Tobias Bloodholland.