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Name: Sappho
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Hello and welcome. My name is Sappho. I've been studying the art of magick for a while now, and came here seeking answers. I don't play games with people, if you are here to just have fun that is your business. But do not bring me into your drama. I am here to learn, not to play. I can and am willing to teach Lucid dreaming, meditation,energy control, and well, I can teach a little of everything regarding the basics. But PLEASE, do NOT come messaging me asking me how to turn you into a vampire or anything that does not and can not exist on this plane. I will simply not answer you. That is all. Please learn your basics first. A list of them is provided below. meditation visualization grounding/centering energy flow and control shielding and circle casting elements days colors tools moon phases. -------------------------------------------------------------------- For those of you that are curious, YES, I did name my profile after the Greek poet Sappho. Leave Kriti and come here to this holy temple with your graceful grove of apple trees and altars smoking with frankincense. Icy water babbles through apple branches and roses leave shadow on the ground and bright shaking leaves pour down profound sleep. Here is a meadow where horses graze amid wild blossoms of the spring and soft winds blow aroma of honey. Afroditi, take the nectar and delicately pour it into gold wine cups and mingle joy with our celebration.