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Szandor777's Profile

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Name: Szandor777
Birthday: Nov 13 1980
Location: Detroit, MI
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Apr 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am here to learn, and with the gain of the knowledge I receive I hope to live a more enriched life. In my professional life I am a psychologist. Clinical hypnotherapy, dream interpretation, and even astrology are large parts of the way that I practice. In my personal life I consider myself Wiccan. I was Born on November 13th. A true Scorpio in every sense of the word. Let me try and explain. The Scorpion is associated with death and destruction. The latter is very much how I have lived the majority of my life-even now. My pride and stubborn refusal to accept defeat will one day be my undoing. I have inside me, the means to my own salvation, yet I have searched in vain to find that salvation even to this day. I tempt people to explore the darker side of themselves (not just within my profession, but also in my personal life). I like to see people lose their innocence. Scorpios are often linked with the scorpion, the serpent, and the eagle (or phoenix). From the serpent comes my curiosity of the mysteries of life, death and sex and also often leads me down the path of the occult. I have an extreme passion for investigating things most people would view as taboo (especially concerning sex). Just as the serpent has to shed its skin periodically to allow it to grow, I often re-create myself too. As difficult as change can be for me I know that for me to be able to grow as a person i have to face the challenge of growth. More often than not I have to have one life situation completely end before I can resurrect and reinvent myself. The planetary rulers of my sign are Mars-the god of war and Pluto (yes, I still consider this a planet and not just a large star) the planet of death and transformation. In mythology, Pluto, also known as Hades, was the god of the underworld, the palce of the dead. The Scorpios Drama I am a survivor. Throughout my life I have often found myself in dangerous, and often extreme situations, where my life, love, livelihood, sanity, self-esteem, or anything that has been essential to my own or loved ones existence has been under threat. I have lived through many things against the odds. Therefore, I tend to be still and secretive, trying to keep my head down and maintain a low profile. My watchfulness and pent-up aggression creates a powerful emotional field that can often intimidate my enemies. I carry deep emotional scars, always haunted by the memories of my past. I hold onto grudges and when I am wronged I often carry with me a burning resentment and obsess over the demand for retribution to regain my sense of power. I am a powerful protector of those that can be vunerable and I am always ready to confront and transform the people, force or illness that have threatened those I care deeply about. I register deceit and hypocrisy instantly as anything that is suspicious sets off powerful bodily reactions leaving me feeling like my guts are turning to jelly. You will never really understand me or know me fully as I continually conceal what?s going on behind my inscrutable exterior. I am typically right about who can and cannot be trusted (although, this can often lead to paranoia). I have learned that a vital key to my happiness is learning how to interpret my moods and emotions accurately. One of my biggest challenges in life is to confront my worst fears-one of which can be rejection. I have a magnetic personality and attract many unique and interesting people. Once you get to know me parts of you will change and a piece of you will be changed forever. And always remember, prohibiting a Scorpio from doing or knowing something is to ensure they?ll find a way to do so.