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Scorpio is the sign of extremes, and you can have trouble relaxing. As we celebrate the Equinox - when day and night are of equal length - strive to bring more balance into your busy life.
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Vampires's Profile

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Name: Vampires
Location: DUH, Gender: Pangender
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Jul 2015
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Merry meet everyone ! )O( Im a nice person ! I believe in Wicca, and yes im a Witch too, no i will not cast a spell for you nor give you a spell I dont join covens on here because I believe in the actual Wicca, Wicca for life ! I am proud to be a witch ! Im pangender ! You dont know what it means ? Look up its definition on google, basically its pansexual but with a different name My name is Bailey, please dont ask me how old i am, i never put the year on here because i dont tell anyone my age ! I have a sociel anxiety, and i started to get an anxiety in summer 2012 R.I.P Amanda Todd, ill support you always Please come and join on my website www.greenbookchats.webs.com its a social website, i dont allow bullying on my website, so ill give the bully 3 warnings, if he/she doesnt stop i can delete their account Please dont ask me to do any spells for you because the answer can and will be a simple NO DONT EVER TELL ME OR TRY TO GET ME TO CHANGE MY RELIGION, I WILL FIGHT YOUR WORDS AND MIGHT OFFEND YOU THAT IM WICCAN AND IM HAPPY AS A WICCAN - SOLITARY WITCH I am very sensitive It doesnt matter what other people thinks of you, what matters is you love yourself the way you are ! Im a witch a Wiccan ! So everyone pretty please stop asking me if im a vampire People blocks me, why ??? Because 1. They hate me, 2. They dont want to be friends with me, 3. They dont care about my depression, 4. They dont want anything to do with me because im depress Where'ed you go ? I miss you soo ! Sometimes if im hurt from words or anyone else i dont talk to anyone I have woman hormones in me, which means I like girl stuff, and act like one too, and my body is shaped like a girls kind of body dont ask if im gay because im not, im pangender, you make fun of me then ill block you Welcome to my bio, feel free to message me, i love meeting new people Us pangenders and pansexuals stand together ! Hey im on kik here is my user name LoveMePrettyPlease please add me and talk to me on there I dont consider myself as a guy, sir, man, boy, nor male, im Pangender, call me by my prounce, which is they, he and she, him and her, his and hers, i am boy and girl, so dont be sexist ! And my tital is Mx. it doesnt offend me by calling me a girl, her, she, hers, pretty, and fabulous, you can call me girl because im not related to any guy stuff ! Between team Edward and team Jacob, i pick team Edward If your dating me, dont call me your bf (boy Friend) call me your pf (pangender friend) Ydolo (you dont only live once) Relationship status: seeing someone Im a Vampire Wiccan, i made my own tradition