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Name: stephstoll
Birthday: Mar 2 1984
Location: oklahoma
Gender: Female
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I am Stephanie Steph for short. I Live in the Wonderful State of Oklahoma ( can you sense the sarcasm yet?). I am 27 and Have 3 kids which are my world I do everything with them in mind! I love music of all sorts and depending on my mood depends on my daily genre. Recently its been Screamo, Punk, rock ect you get the picture! I love a good conversation and Love meeting new people!!! I have always been around Magic but never really knew it until I started looking more into it. I am fairly new on almost everything but I am a Very open Minded learner ( yes I am a Nerd) I was taught some candle magic by family when I was younger and tend to lean more towards it I am interested in learning so much One of my main Wants is Healing: emotionally and physically.. I have always been able to "feel" people when I am around them and I hate the negative so a big thing for me would to be able to help people heal. But I don't just want to stop there. So if your looking for someone to pick your brain and help learn I am your girl!! Feel free to message me anytime I promise I won't bite at least not the first time :)