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My name is David. However I am known by many names and thus have hailed myself as the "man of a hundred names". I consider myself a wizard, a grey wizard to be exact, as well as a sorcerer, a shaman, and a vitki. I will always be open to helping other people, however, let it be known there are things I cannot do. This includes casting spells for others. I will NOT do this, for several reasons you should read for yourself. I would gladly do a reading for you or give you advice but I will not and cannot cast spells for you. I am a talented (if I may say so)polymath with 5-6 years experience with magic and similar practices. I am a Traditionalist Norse/Germanic polytheistic shamanic practitioner (with some very minor Slavic and Finnic characteristics thrown in) with Tribalist leanings that is devoted entirely to the gods and goddesses of the Northern folk. Although I love and respect all the gods and goddesses equally, my chief and patron deity, and the one I relate most to, is the Allfather, Odhinn. I am a member of several magical and pagan fraternities and organizations (listed below). Some of them being of my own making or others. I am a friendly person to all if I deserve the same respect. To talk of my personal abilities. I am trained and adept in the martial arts of sword fighting and Viking/medieval combat including glima wrestling. I am also a berserker of the wolf, and am empowered by the spirit of the ulf, my "spirit animal". I am a musician and poet as well as very many other artistic callings. I can speak a plethora of languages including Old Norse and Old English which aid very well in my personal religious practices. In magic and similar practices I primarily focus on runic and Norse magic and using Icelandic sorcery, staves, and spells. I have had considerable experience with galdr and Seidhr, of which I am knowledgable, and I am also the creator of the art of Gjoll, utilising the gjalla. However I also work greatly with lore, learning of the gods and history of the past, and herbology, making remedies and cures from Midgard's bounty. Including those I am a shamanic practitioner and the so called "wise-man" of my village/town. I am a devoted student of magic of all sorts and I am a honest hearted warrior-wizard of the Norse gods. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. -Dagstyggr Organizations: Grand Master of the First Grand Lodge of Delta; Member of the Order of the Allegiance of Delta (