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Name: Alaya72
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Hi my names Sierra and I have been seriously practicing magic since i was 13. So if you have a question you can ask but I'm not consistent enough to teach. Im a free spirit and have always been able feel the energy of the world. I'm currently in the processes of writing 5 different novels. I spend most of my free time writing and brainstorming on how to make my books better. I'm also in a committed relationship and a mother of two beautiful babies. I love music, dancing, writing, and kids. I want to travel the world and open my mind to things. If you never travel you can never truly know life or understand others in a deep way. I want to be a foster parent for teens when I have my life more in order. I have a very caring heart and i don't think anyone should be without a family. Magic is connecting with the energy of the world and feeling it. Understand the energy and giving yourself to it can get you farther then saying a few words. Anything is possible if you believe it can be. As far as magic goes I mostly do energy magic and divination. I'm knowledgeable in Palm reading, astrology, herbs, chalkras, and energy transfer. Again I have baby twins so if you message me I might not answer or just randomly stop replying