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Keirn's Profile

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Name: Keirn
Location: Virginia, United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 25 Jan 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am 13 years old, like to listen to old 40s and 50s music like Bing Crosby, The Rat Pack, Nat King Cole, Guy Mitchell. I dont think you'll find many 13 year olds who listen to that, but I'm different and that's what i like about myself. Also i have Aspergers Syndrome, which is a form of Autism, and before any of you get any smart aleck comments like "autistic means retarded," my IQ is 140, which is the highest attainable on many scales. Although IQ doesn't mean much. I have a talent for memorizing facts. I extremely dislike history, because I don't like focusing on past events, but to look forward and focus on the task at hand. I will eat almost 95% of foods; there isn't much i don't like. I have struggled (and still do) with aggressiveness, impulsiveness, depression, and antisocialness. All this was because ohers make fun of me for being autistic. They would antagonize me, beat me up, then laugh at my misery (you know who you are you sadists). Just recently I have started to take Ginko and fish oil, and it has helped with my mood. I also have had long talks with a caring uncle who helped me realise that if I can make the negitave positive and live my life without looking back, and being happy in times of sorrow, I wouldn't feel so depressed and I would go on to lead a good life. How right he was. I am soon going to transfer from my specialized autism school, to a public school, so I can make friends and live an average american teenage life (excluding drugs and alcohol). When I was depressed, I spent long hours in my room with the door locked meditating on bringing positive energy into my body, which made me feel better for a while. A friend of my father, Manine, a shaman said i have a natural ability for healing. I plan on working with mainly healing and elemental magic, and dabbling in other areas. Much of my family is strict Catholic, and I was forced into that lifestyle. My father introduced me to Reiki, which I was facinated by. Until then, I thought Magic only existed in movies and video games. Of course, as I was young, I thought I could do Magic as it appeared in a game, but, as a game is a game, not reality, none of it worked. I was about to give up on Magic, when manine explained what real Magic is, and what stage Magic is. Unfortunately, I tried to use Magic to harm my cousins, because I felt they deserved it. That is when my depression started. I tried to get demons into my body so I could kill them all. I am lucky it never happened. I realized just how precious life is when a friend of mine died in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver going over 100; their car was t-boned at a red light. Everyone involved died on the scene. It was then that I started being antisocial, because i didnt want to lose another friend. I have a love for animals, excluding insects and fish, especially the Wolf. Many people ask me why I like wolves so much. I say "just because," so I dont have to explain all the reasons why. For me, a wolf sybolizes independence, teamwork, bravery, strength, intelligence, cunning, agility, mystery, and tight bonds. I am sorry if this sounds too much like a movie, and I dont know for sure my friend was killed by a drunk driver, I just heard that story around the same time he died. Sorry for boring you with my life, if thats what you think of it. if you read this whole thing, I thank you. Blessed Be.