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Name: Bruador
Birthday: Apr 3 1992
Location: North Carolina
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I'm never really sure how to write these things, so I guess I'll just go with it and see how it turns out xD I go by many different names in my different circles of friends, but in this community I generally go by Bruador. I am 18 years old and fully aware of that, I'm not like a lot of my peers who get that whole god complex and think they know everything. I am very much aware of the fact that I have a lot to learn, but I also ask that you be open to the possibility that I also have a lot to share. I recently graduated high school and am currently attending a local community college. I am in the transfer program here for two years getting my Associates degree and then will transfer to a state university to major in Psychology hopefully. I am gay.. I guess lol. I have found that I am attracted to people based on who they are, not their bodies. So I guess that would make me Bisexual.. But there is such a stigma over using that term today, especially with gay men who tend to think that it doesn't exist. So I say that I am gay just for the sake of argument. Unlike a lot of people who I know who identify as some form of Pagan, I was never anything else. I know a lot of people who were raised Christian and went to church every Sunday and then one day found the Goddess and changed paths. But that is not my story. While I was raised in a technically Christian home, I was not forced into the religion. My mother was a practicing Wicca for a few years during and after college, so she has always had a very open mind about religion and she taught me and my sister to follow our hearts. So from a very early age I began to identify as pagan, practically as soon as I found out what the term meant. I remember being in 4th grade and having a small group of friends (three people total, counting myself) who spent our days reading everything we could about magic and the history of the Craft. It was a really great learning process and I still remember everything I found back then. But as I aged I began to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the Craft and what it meant to call myself Witch. Being a Witch is so much more than a word. Witch is a title that comes with a great responsibility and importance in my opinion. By calling yourself a Witch you are accepting fully all of the greatness and flaws of the Ancient Ones who came long before us. You have to accept that some people will judge you for the title, while others will respect you greatly for it. As far as my beliefs when it comes to Magic and the Occult in general, I am very eclectic. I read about any source that I can find and absorb everything that I can from it into my being. What works with me stays, and what doesn't I disregard and let it fall back to its resting place for someone else who might make better use of it. I work with the elements very closely. I have never been better at one over the others. I'm pretty good with all of them. My birth element is Fire, being an Aries. But Fire is my least favorite element to work with. Fire carries with it so much destruction. It was only recently that I began to see how Fire also is the Need-Fire. It clears the way for new things. It is through Fire that we find the Light that leads us from the Darkness. Earth is by far my favorite element. The peace and stability that it offers are irreplaceable in my life. I rely on Earth several times throughout the day, calling it to my side to aid me. I have quite the affinity to Earth, and it responds to me very well. I'm not saying I can like, cause an earthquake or anything lol. But the Energy of Earth, that I can manipulate easily and effectively. Earth also brings with it a cold, distant aspect. That is hard to overcome sometimes, but it is worth it when you do. Water and me get along, but Water gets along with most people. She is a tender lover, but she is treacherous. Water has proven invaluable to me in the past, but it can be tricky to control what Water shows you when scrying. Water carries destruction just like the other elements do, we are all too familiar with the destruction Water is capable of. Air is also close to me. Calling a breeze is no problem, even calling a stronger wind out of a weaker one. But I have had to learn *the hard way I might add* that sometimes you need to let things be the way they are. Just because I can call a wind to move rain clouds to or from my area, doesn't mean I should. Nor does it mean that it will always work. Now, information about the elements aside. Here is some more about my Magical life. I am highly empathic, it drive me insane sometimes. I have never been very good at Telepathy, but Empathy is as easy as breathing. Telekinesis... That also alludes me lol. Sometimes, I can do minor Telekinesis. But not usually. I use spells sometimes, but I have found that focused Will works just as good. I use Tarot cards sometimes, I'm pretty good with them. I rely more on my Psychic ability than the cards themselves. Just letting the meaning come to me. Okay, enough about Magic. Lol what is this, some sort of Pagan site? I love music of all kinds. I play the French Horn, or at least I did in band when I was younger. I still can, just I'm not in band anymore. I want to go to college to study Psychology. I think that it will be a great way to share my Gifts with others. If the Goddess didn't want me to help people, why would she make me so Gifted with things concerning the well being and emotions of others? I have 6 pets, 5 cats and a dog. My cats are Luna (F) , Zezty (F) , Princess (F) , Sweety (M) , and Chairman Meow (M) who appropriately has a little red ball that he plays with. *Reference to the Communist leader of China, not presently, and his little red book. Chairman Mao.* My dog is named Anubis (F) . She is very pretty, but very dumb lol. I have a sister who is a little younger than me and I live with both parents. I have a few close friends, that's my real family. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask me. I might not know the answer, but I will try my hardest to find the answer for you. May the Moon watch over you as you travel your path, and may the Stars guide your footsteps along the path to the Goddess. Blessed Be