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Name: Sai_13
Birthday: Dec 3 1987
Location: Hell
Gender: Female
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No blood, no sweat, no pain, no gain, no love, no war, I go insane. The beat she plays, the crowd remain. The pack of wolves is all the same. Name(s): Scythe (Sai) Hellsin (Souls -- Xalia and Sin) ::Explanation:: Souls that share the form other than Sai (Wolf kind), each that possess their own info; Xalia-Angelic Priestess (specific info is unknown), and Sin-Warrior demoness. Gender: Female Title: ?Mirror Priestess? Birthday: 12/03 & 8/13 Info: Indeed I have made some changes to my profile due to tons of rewrites and reconsideration. First off, I am known as a ?Mirror Priestess?, which is somewhat difficult to explain when trying to define the title. All I can say is that I work with five elements out of the thousands known to this world. (So no, I'm not talking about the main elements best known in Wicca or and so forth.) And for the other half of it...all I can say to best describe ?Mirror? in this term is to consider the abilities, meanings, and spiritual connections a mirror holds. Yes, basically everything instead of only what one can see. I find my path best in Lunar, Fire, and Blood magic. Technically (and nearly literally) I study many religions, but I only believe parts of each. Figure it out. Anyways, me and my twin brother Grim are now only somewhat apart of what we call a ?Pack?. I stress the word ?somewhat? because as time has passed and changed this world, it also has changed our family-like bonds. We fear we may be moving on alone. Grim and I are alike and the opposite from each other in numerous ways, even spiritually. We share our energy since he carries mostly dark energy and I possess mainly light energy, therefore it works differently during times apart and around each other. He and my young sister are both what complete my world with my mother as it's Goddess. Anyone who finds themselves ballsy enough to ever harm them will have to answer to me...and I don't grant mercy to those who take responsibility in their own actions. So yes, I swear you will regret it severely. That is all I can say for now unless I think of something later...I doubt it though. And if I have any knowledge about something you wish to know about, don't hesitate to ask. (To simply put sensible or don't waste my time T.T;;) Thank you and Blessed be. Guide unto us the path we once traveled Only had it been lost in memory We look to the steps we've left behind A trail of tears that followed each. A purpose we must find for it hides behind a curtain of riddles But in our hearts we will always trust thee to aid us Beloved and blessed lives that ended too soon... As tears had stained the fur of wolves. Love, loyalty, knowledge, strength The heart of dedicated warriors. Given a form we wander again To seek what was once lost.... Blessed be..children of her majesty, the mother of all; Companions of our own. A pack that shall be united once more A blood that forever holds strong.... -Sai