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Name: CresentMoon
Birthday: Oct 12 1991
Location: Ohio
Gender: Male
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*Hey everyone, well I am back and I am 27.The name is Aries.I was at one point on here called(Bluephoenix2)but I needed a break to figure my life out and I am back to help and give others knowledge of my life and my experience since starting out at such a young age of 13 practicing magic.My family has been a magical family for generations back into old times but now I am the last but hopefully not the last member to be carrying on the tradition and knowledge we have built.
My current gifts are still Premonitions and Empathy making me an Empath. I have become pretty adverse in both of them. I am an Air Adapt.I am a Libra and just a big fun guy and I am gay and proud of it.I love all people and love just taking life, nature and our world as it should be with light and care. So Bless It Be!
Magical Skills
I believe magic is neither nor Black, nor White it is whatever the beholder chooses.
Air Adept
Practitioner of all the Elements as one
Psychic skills(Clairvoyance wise)
Ancient Magic(Family Ancestors) Meaning a fluid source of power we pull from when needed. Its more spiritual meaning.
Some what Telekinetic when I was a child, think its a dormant gift. Active when in high stress or emotion.
Experience 14 years still a Mid-adult Witch Learner but I do teach as well, best I can.
Magic is natural and not forced or just for show, it is spiritual and practices makes perfect :)
Bless it be Cresentmoon