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Hey the name this way is peg, I live in Australia and I've been doing wicca for quite some time now. I'm going to start to expand my knowledge in divination and all that sort of jazz. I find magick very interesting and I make it my life, heres what I love to do maybe i can help you along the way. I specialise in healing magick, fortune telling and dream interpretations. I have had much experience with these kinds of magick and I have had many people happy with the results they are given after allowing me to perform magick on them. I may look quite young, but I am very talented in many feilds. Dont ever judge a book by its cover as they say. I love to communicate with spirits because you learn a lot from their experiences. I have had deep and inner conversations with spirits and I'm not bragging either. I'm no medium or side show freak, you just have to believe in yourself and the powers within you, that I believe is the true key to talk with non-living beings. I cant say i'm really good at fortune telling because I know for a fact that there are perople better than me at it, although so far in my years of doing it i havent had one wrong interprentation, I've even had professionals, people who have been involved in fortunes, tarots and ther forms of interprentation teniques, come up with the same answers as I have and many people come to me for their interprentations. Dream interprentations are another one of my specialties, i've read many a dream and I have interprented them just as good as anyone else can, I make my magick my life and i believe that magic can help with a lot of things. I will not harm others by using magic becasue that is wrong, no matter how much a person deserves it. I believe people affect their own lives by the actions they take themselves as a person. I absolutly will not practice Black magick for several reasons; its forbidden, I mind the 3 fold rule, Black magick is also evil it can cause so much harm to not only the person your performing it on but also yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read this little peice about myself. If you ever need anything don't be afraid to drop me a line im happy to help anyone. Blessed Be. Bacca Oculus