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Name: CrystalWolf
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Made a new account message me at FallonRogue

Heyy I'm Lauren and I'm 14 ;D
I'm here to learn more about the magick that's out there.
I know that there is much more to learn then the knowledge I've shared and learned within the last year.
I'm a medium and a werewolf I know pyrokinesis and I really want to know more about herbalism! So I'd anyone could help me please send me a message :D
you have any questions i would love to help you just hit me up with a message(;
I know a lot and am eager to share it all(:
completely straightt :D
lovin' livin' a Wiccan(:
14 yrs old
lookin forward to meetin new people
White Magickk all the way
Dream Spells, Healing/Health/Cure Spells, Enchanting Spells, Protection Spells, Love Spells
there's nothing I love more than the stars in the sky at night among the light of the moon