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Hoot's Profile

Member Info
Name: Hoot
Birthday: Oct 18
Location: Under a rock
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 09 Oct 2011
Membership: Contributor

Personal Bio
Drop me a message if your in need of a mentor. I've been practicing for six years, joined the site back in 07 under a different name. I've never been good at healing spells, but I am fairly good at herbal poultices. Energy manipulation and dreams are the centerpiece of what I do. I've never depended on meditation, any sort of searching has been done through dreams. I believe in gods, but worship none. I don't believe in Karma or the rede, and dislike being called wiccan. I love reading stories centered around the astral or the etheric. a Journal, for odd occurances during projecting or dreaming. April 5th 2011 My first trip to the Etheric. It looked suburban, almost like a much more distorted tinted version of the average town. Going into a house, large, not sure how big, it looked older, going in through the entrance leads into an open room, there are six small columns, there is no furniture but they're are two other people. One male, One female. There are three doorways, one leads to stairs across from the columns, to the right there is a closed door that won't open, to the left near the staircase there is a door to a kitchen. There is a lack of windows, making the place feel enclosed, no paintings, nothing. It almost leaves a musty taste, everything is of a light pink color. The female counterpart I know is also someone projecting. Short, red hair, cannot remember her eyes. Her male counterpart was a guide. Whoever is reading this, I did not have a guide with me at the time, I did have a serval to call upon and several shields, otherwise, I was on my own. Going to the end of the six columns, there is a 'tear' in the ceiling, coming closer to it, it is a large hole. Looking straight up, there is something looking back at me. I wanted to get out of there then, but the girl insisted that I stay. Ensuring me that they're wasn't anything there, that the place was hers. It was apparently a presentation of her house on the ethereal plane. When she walked under the hole something fell and started screaming. It was white, humanoid with two round orbs for eyes, it crawled around attempting to lash out at us. Stomping on it had no effect. It chased us around in the house for a bit before we went upstairs. Upstairs, it went insane. Upstairs, there was also another projection. I don't recall much of his appearance. He knew what it was. It ran into the closet for a bit. It came back out and the last thing I remember before being shot back to my body was hearing that awful screaming noise and my mouth being constricted. I don't know what happened to the girl or the other projection. If I go back, I'm bringing a guide with me, and I'm not entering enclosed spaces.