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Name: Roddd
Birthday: Jul 10 1994
Location: LA California
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My name is Andre.. I'm gonna put this very clear and out there.. If you message me hey, hi and then your next message is just "you're cute" or (your) cute, I'll cross you out, and won't reply. I'm not here to flirt or to take or give compliments. I'm here for magic. I'm aware of my looks and I don't need under age people telling me about them. Respectfully thank you. Now Im following my own path I dance to the bit of my own drums with help from whats provided some naturaly known intuitive you can say some passed on to me and some simply learned...but I'm still learning clairvoyance runs in my family myself included.empathy flash visions dreams...i have a green thumb which is extremely good lol as you believe so shall it be! And I believe I'm very sensitive to energy all kinds electricity to spiritual energy, I'm a cancer, taroth readings and runes im a water element. And I'm gay and I study psychology.