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I have a mixed religion and I enjoy it well. I am 25 and have been practicing for plenty of years, but I never stop learning. Learning is part of the joy that comes for inviting magick into your life. I am always happy to help others, but please keep in mind I an extremely busy person so sometimes it takes me a bit of time to get back to you. Also, I am more than happy to help you with spells, but more often than not I will not cast them for you. I do sometimes however, on a case by case basis. The best results will happen if you cast the spells yourself. If you believe you can't do it and that it will not work then it will never work for you. And I am sorry to say that, but it is true. It took me a while myself to learn that positive attitude that is required. Stop worrying about the bad and get started with the good. "Women are shorter so that men will fall in love with them when they hug them."