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Name: Wind.Howler
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I?ve been practicing for nine out of my eight-teen years of this life. I go by many names, but will prefer people calling me by Wind, Howler, or full username. I?ll even give you the choice of calling me W.H., why? Because some people aren?t that good at typing, (Ha, You know it is true.) I am currently working on the following: 1. Hypnosis 2. Telekinesis 3. Past life exploration 4. Tarot readings,(Don?t ask me to do readings, I?m studying them for now.) 5. Energy transfer through... Things I can teach: *IF YOU WISH FOR ME TO TEACH YOU SOMETHING, PLEASE PUT THE LESSON YOU WANT IN THE PM SUBJECT SO I DON'T FORGET WHY YOU MESSAGED ME. * 1. Third eye opening. (For beginners.) ~Now on my Blog 2. Aura seeing. 3. Basic meditation.~Now on my Blog 4. Chakra meditation. 5. Sprit communication. (Beginners.) If you need help with something, I might be able to help; you just got to let me know what it is. (Blog can be found at the "website" place on my profile, go view it. My past problems: 1. Spirit attacks. -Claw marks -Nightmares -Negative feelings -Slight Possession 2. Fear of all spirits. 3. Depression 4. Bullying. (Mental and Physical) 5. Not believing in myself. This is some things that I had to fight through myself, I was self trained for five years, and still mostly am. My life has changed, and my mind is fully open, I do not judge anyone for what path they have chosen, and I expect the same from everyone else. I enjoy telling people stories of my experiences, but I love hearing other people?s experiences better. A bit about myself: I was born on June 24, 1992, this making me a Cusp of magic, Gemini/Cancer (look it up, you might learn something new about your Zodiac!). I?ve felt a connection between wolves since I was a child. You can catch me outside with a white candle, sitting in the dark staring at the moon. I love people who are good conversationalists, story tellers, and who are very open. I?m a very happy person, I love my life and the people who I have met in it?.good and bad, they have made me who I am today. I am a person, who will tell the truth, even when I shouldn?t, it has gotten me in trouble with family members, lol. I have spoken with spirits all throughout my life, sometimes not knowing what they were. People have called me motherly, protective, and loving. I will do my best to help people, and I?m not afraid to message random people. I am friendly, hyper, and random! Things I have connection/experience with: 1. Wolves 2. The moon. 3. Moonstones 4. Other crystals/stones. 5. Spirits. 6. Animals. 7. Nature 8. Paranormal creatures, (astral and physical.) 9. Anything mentioned in the ?problems of the past? area, and much more. Problems I have now: 1. Honestly, I have trouble accepting help from anyone, so if you give me help and I come off a bit snippy, I?m sorry. I will cool off, so just give me time; it is just the last bit of ego I?m trying to kill off. (-^^-) Alright, that should be it. Please message me, because I know everyone has a story they are dying to tell. -^^-