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Name: Murderface17
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Im a very easy going guy but I do utilize the black arts when I have to. At all times I wear an Eye of Horus talisman for protection and a pewter dragons claw talisman to enhance my offensive casting. I also have a few tattoos to enhance my casting abilities: A mostly black dagger on my left arm for offensive casting, an eagle on my right arm for clarity, and a Grizzly bear paw print on both shoulder blades for strength. I recently got a new tattoo. I have the phrase "I Have Become Death Destroyer of Worlds" tattooed in Elder Furthark and Theban around my shoulders and chest. I won't call myself a master in any field of magic because I would be lying. I do however have at least a little experience in nearly every school. I find that my best areas are those of Necromancy, Enchanting, Healing, and Offensive casting. TO ANYONE WHO IS NEW TO MAGIC IN GENERAL: There are two lessons which you must first learn before you begin practicing the Craft. 1. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"- Aleister Crowley. 2. No spell works as well as those you write yourself. Learn those by heart and you will have begun a journey into the great art called Magic. I DO NOT OFFER PERSONAL LESSONS TO ANYONE. WITH MY JOB AND MY DUTIES AS PRIEST IT IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO TAKE ON. Darkness envelopes, Pain becomes pleasure. Light fades, Hate without measure. Embrace the night, Follow the road. Learn the truths, Red skies glow. Death is dead, Life as well. Hatred spreads, We pierce the veil. The Darkness feeds, The night is born. We are the chosen, Feel our burn. Flee the lies, And seek us first. We place our faith, In what others curse. None will prevail, Against the night. The old shall fall, And we shall fight. Light has gone, We take the throne. What you call Hell, We call our home.