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Name: Anishiana
Location: Turn around, silly.
Gender: Female
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Hi, I'm Anishiana. I love Nature, and am eager to learn all I can about Tree and Plant magic. I am a deep thinker and enjoy creating philosophies. I am very friendly, so feel free to message me. I believe in Mother Earth, the Godess of Life and Sanctuary. If anyone would like to take a look at a poem of mine or ask a question or something, go ahead. I have a fascination with psi, though if you want to learn it I suggest you look it up on this site, not ask me to teach you. It is popular for magical combat/defense. I also like to use it for meditation. Okay, so alot of people between 11 and 14 think that they have special Powers, are in true love, are vampires, werewolves etc. Someone even thinks they're an elf! Take my advice, quit roleplaying. In the normal world: Fav band/music: bowling for soup Fav colour: green Likes: risks, writing, reading, tennis Hates: pop, Justin bieber, fashion