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miscarriage curse - Magic Forums
Forum Post
...I'm looking for a miscarriage curse. The one I found was great but was lost in translation so I wasnt able to complete it. I want this to be powerful, and I'm ready for any and all kick back regarding this since I'm most likely sterile anyways. I want this curse...
Miscarriage spell - Magic Forums
Forum Post
...Hi, I would like to cast a miscarriage spell. Anyone knows any good miscarriage spell? As my dad have been cheating on my mom and he recently got 2 women pregnant just 4 months apart. Spell Suggestions miscarriage spell Reply to this post oldest 1 newest Start a a new thread...
Ward Against Miscarriage
 A ward against miscarriage. While tying a knot in the rope: ''Secured in my womb, a seed of love There to grow and blossom until released by nature __ months hence Surrounded by safety, health, and wholeness you shall remain Until this knot is undone.'' Untie the knot when you go...
Miscarriage-Soul Contact - Magic Forums
Forum Post
...Hi Everyone, I unfortunately had a miscarriage almost 2 weeks ago which had to be removed with surgery. During that time a had a vision of a little girl and seeing her grow up and at the end I saw her with her brother in a park. To me this said...
Shipment Love - Free Magic Spell
...Make 2 people that you ship love each other. Light the candle. Hold the two locks of the other peoples hair in opposite hands over the quartz. Say this twice: The Love will begin Because the Love is real Only for life, will this ship steal The ship will sail, nothing...
Baby Spells - Free Magic Spells
...Get Pregnant Pregnancy Spell read more Even more great spells..... Asexual pregnancy spell spell Fertility (You & Partner) Unborn Baby Blessing Ward Against miscarriage Baby Blessing.......
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