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Death Spells

To make some one die 1,000 times.
makes you become a twisted tree forever.
for the one who are unforgiven of his deeds.
This spell is only to be used as a last resort. It is mostly used to send spirits of wrongdoers without reason whom has died, to hell.
Will strick the person dead.
This spell was used in the old days of Ancient Egypt by the pharaohs to curse those who opposed them.
Destroy anyone who gets in your way.
Ever had someone you wanted to hurt? Well this is a spell to do that.
A spell to release the soul and spirit of an animal, pet you lost. Sort of a funeral rite.
This hex uses the spirit of the bone you use to hex all your enemies that are around you at the moment.
This spell will make it appear that you have died.
A spell to take the life of your enemy.
this spell will destroy anything trying to harm you, if you use this spell an any way to harm someone that doesn't deserve it than Karma will take care of you
A powerful storm that can destroy your enemies.
To reap souls by touch.
You know, the title? ONLY TO BE USED IN DEFENSE!
Kills opponents.
this spell banishes bad spirits and send them back to where thy came.
Never use this spell, it is black magic meant to harm people. I posted it for you to know the consequences of black magic. I repear, don't use it.
A good spell if you are being bothered by evil entities.
This is how I personally meditate before doing necromancy. It will help tune your senses and tell spirits you're not there to harm them.
This spell can cause defence death and special vampiric abilities and weaknesses. this needs to be performed at the witching hour (at 3:00 a.m) where satanic creatures are roaming at
This is my first spell. Its not actually mine, i borowed it from a friend. This is supposed to make you a creepypasta! Please message me and let me know if it works for you.
Use this spell to change into a specific kind of demon.
This spell will turn you into a demon zombie and will also summon the great demons be careful I recommend you don't do this.
This will turn you half demon.
As a Necromaner shadows obey your every will. Are you ready..
This spell transforms you into a vampire. I wouldn't recommend performing it unless you truly are serious about Turning. This spell is to be performed on the night of a New moon.
Become a vampire quickly.
Use the male witch spell if you are a man or create a spell thingy or vampire instantly with a power like spell work no matter what. Before this this will make you the son/daughter of the demon of your
An easy-to-do death spell.
The best and most rare energy bending techniques ever try out and proove the critics wrong.
This spell will allow you to Resurrect multiple dead things at any time. It will also allow you to take life
This spell will cause the enemy to be very vicious and if you want it to go even farther even death.
This is a powerful death working, please do not try this for fun.
Kill your enemy with the 13th century plague.
In this spell you will restart the plaque from the 13th century on Your enemy.It will not spread but only he/she will get it and no one will have a cure.
this is a spell used for lasted
restore. do not use this spell first it is alot of danger
This is a curse to put on someone if they have hurt you physically or mentally. It can also be used as a revenge spell.
Will Blind your foe. Must have some experience in Black Magick
basicly what happens is that if done right , the person will feel as if his or her blood is one fire.this will cause major panic but not death and another thing is that when the person is under this sp
This is a powerful black magick spell. I have done this spell myself so if you have any questions feel free to ask. When you do this spell you can not, I repeat CAN NOT break this promise!
This spell is for the skilled. May backfire on you if not used as said. This will give Your enemy internal bleeding(bleeding inside). They will drown in their own blood.
To get bloody Mary to encase your victim, and to kill them over and over until one breaks the spell, witch the person needs to destroy the mirror and burn the picture.
A death spell I was given today. Thought I'd share.
Dangerous can backfire. For experienced people. This can cause deadly sickness and most likely death.
Warning: must be used by only a Satanist, One who has dedicated his/her soul to Satan. It will cause someone's death.
This can be a Deadly Hex! If you so choose to do it, be forewarned that you may indeed seriously harm this person and you are responsible for the Karma! You may want to do one of the less damaging hexe
A hex against someone you are angered with.
*Warning:This can be a Deadly Hex! If you so choose to do it, be forewarned that you may indeed seriously harm this person and you are responsible for the Karma! You may want to do one of the less dama
This spell is Like the bloody mary death spell, but least death.
This spell is to bring back the dead.This is my frist spell I don't know if it is going to work if it do let me know.Start with something small
Bring happiness to an individual who is down in the dumps.
This spell allows people or a person to slowly get pain from the inside out.
This spell will burn someone to their death.
Use a razor it doesn't hurt as much and it burns them to death.
This is a spell to help you shake off an old part of yourself that you don't need anymore. It takes the form of a mock-funeral where you symbolically lay your past-tendencies to rest to make way for ne
A shifter and I have used this, only in time of great need. Please don't go waving this spell arround uselessly.
This is one of the most powerful and darkest blinding spells ever known. This spell blinds the soul and it's very hard to break.
This chant will summon a demon to attack and rip apart your victim. This chant takes a lot of energy to manifest unless your home is already cursed and has a Gates of Kurane Sigil in the room where the
Chant as your enemy dies.
Gives the gift of chaos to the caster.
This spell increases your power for a short period of time.
A mid 1300's resurrect and bind spell.
An easy binding spell.
Put hex on your enemy!
50% it will work to put someone in a coma.
this spell will conjure a ghost.
Summon the grim to kill somebody.
A spell to feel the energy of and maybe even dream of a deceased loved one. This is a pretty advanced spell due to how it requires intense energy and will maybe manipulate your emotions.
You can contact the grim reaper with this spell.
This spell will curse any being, human or not.
A Romany cure to depression
A simple but effective curse to lay upon your enemies.
Curse someone with this spell.
Its very dangerous spell. If you dont really mean to curse someone, dont do this spell!
Puts a curse on your enemies.
This spell has been tested, and it is very powerful! It will curse your enemies.
This is a curse mark spell: it takes energy from the intended person.
This is a spell to get a curse mark and the sharingan like off naruto.
Never ending fear
This is a curse that causes the victim to die in a car, plane, train crash. This curse simply makes the victim die in some sort of vehicle accident. This one is really bad and I probably shouldn't be s
For all gods to curse someone.
This one is just for you doomsday nut cases. I have used this one myself and it does make wars worse.
Have the ability to seal and apply a curse mark to a vessel.
Hopefully if you want it badly enough it will work.
to Curse someone that has done wrong to you.
curses the person you want it to
It is a curse from the salem witch trials
This spell can be used to severely harm or even kill your target. I suggest you only cast this if you are experienced and if the person you are casting on has harmed you.
With this spell you can curse your enemy who has harmed you in a way. WARNING : Don't use this spell if you just had one argument or a bad day with your friend. Do it on someone who has wronged you
This spell is only for long-time practitioners of the death arts, as it will increase your dark powers tenfold.
Darken another's life.
Bring the spirit of Dark Lady in your Home!
Send your enemies straight to Hell with this spell.
Mainly for cannibals, dark magicians, necromancers and more to summon the Lady of Decay.
This spell draws darkness in.
This pledges you to darkness and is dangerous, so be serious.
Legends about mirrors have been around for hundreds of years. In particular, some ancient civilizations believed that there was a sort of purifying effect to mirrors. They believed that, by looking one
This spell should only be used once, after that you should leave it alone. Doing it more then once will bring you upon to the underworld.
Gain demonic sight of a serpent which cause harm to others by looking at your victim with an evil stare.
A spell designed to allow the castor to see, feel, sense or predict the deaths of others, can vary from visions/dreams to feelings of dread when introduced to someone close to death.
This a very powerful spell that curses your enemy.
Warning: This is some serious and harmful magik meant to kill someone.
A death spell for your enemies.
Kill someone with this death spell.
If someone you hate is bothering you a bit too much, use this spell and you will never see them again.
Just got another idea for a death spell.
This will kill or give your enemy or enemies a serious injury.
It's not to kill your enemies but is a possibility if used severly but its mainly for causing horrible bad luck.
Just a revenge spell I made.
This is a spell to kill a person of choice. Use this spell carefully, or you will face the consequences!
This spell will kill your intended enemy.
This spell will kill anyone you want (it may have a bad outcome!)
Kills or at least disorientates horribly.
A spell to cause someone death.
This will cause a persons death.
Before reading this please refer to the Necromantic Circle Ritual I posted on this site. After casting the circle you will be able to do this spell.
The spell name says it all.
Use a piece of paper to summon a death god to kill your enemies.
This is an dangerous spell,it's very unpredictable.If ahead with it you have been warned. This spell will kill anyone in a nightmare,in an other world. It can back fire on the caster.. end up killing b
Be careful. This spell is dangerous only use on enemies and rivals.
Warning: This spell will kill a person. It is very dangerous. You will either take a life with the spell or lose yours if cast. You have been warned.
A spell to cause someone's death.
This is the simplied Death Note Spell. However, it takes the same effort with dealing with the energy of death as with all, if not most death spells.
Only to be used on people you really hate.
In the event of your pet's demise: to help with mourning and to send it on its way.
A death spell that is easy.
A spell that causes death.
This will make your enemy die and if not very, very sick.
This potion is meant to cause death.
This spell helps summon death.
If you have access to any personal article of the offender, this will help.

Note:Once you do this it cant be undone be careful when using it.
This spell will kill anyone.
This spell is should be practise first you have to master meditation, candles,invoking gods spirits. You have to cast this death spell with anger and full of determination to kill your enemy.
This will kill every one around you.
Kill your enemies with this spell.
A spell to destroy your enemy. Beware, spell may backfire and you could die.
A spell to cast death towards a person.
Kill the one you hate with this curse.
To kill someone.
This will make your enemey suffer all that the people in the past suffered.
Its a curse to make someone depressed then eventually die.
• Curse your enemy for two weeks of seeing or having horrid nightmares.
This spell sends the target's soul to tartarus and traps them in cronos' belly loke the gods were
How to manipulate somes shadow into demonic forms that can kill.
Destroy a summoned succubus demon.
Used to set ablaze any world.
Summon a vail of dark energy that literally explodes when detinated by your mind.
This curse allows powerful spell casters to devour the soul of a victim, completely draining their magical potential. The effects may be temporary or permanent, depending on how susceptible the victim
This spell I got from Elf Realm: The Low Road by Daniel Kirk. It will disable a machine.
A spell to bring chaos.
Here is a great Hex to bring total chaos to your enemies or someone you hate. Perfect for someone who has done you wrong in a bad way.
A curse that calls upon draconic powers.
To maintain contact at a distance through dreams.
Summoning a darkness to annihilate anything within area.
The following is a death spell: once it takes effect within two and a half months the person will lose health, social status, and continue declining until they die... or kill themselves...
In this ritual you summon a demon and play hide and seek with it. if you win, you can ask for any object, (something realistic) if he finds you... You can end up loosing your sanity, life or in a rare
Summons an Earthquake
To get rid of your enemies once and for all.
Nothing much it's just a does work but depends on how much you believe it works.
Need an army wiped out? this one is for you.

This is the very same technique used by the angel of death, Edchael Vimtoloch when she took down the Assyrian army in the defense of Israel.
Its a energy blade.
A technique I use to drain energy. Technique made from other parts of different techniques that worked for me.
A ritual to exorcise spirits from your home.
This spell will make someone grow ill.
Get rid of fat or create fat!
If you want to be a total jerk (or get revenge on someone) this is the best spell for you
With this spell you can curse your enemy who has harmed you in a way. WARNING : Don't use this spell if you just had one argument or a bad day with your friend. Do it on someone who has wronged you
It freezes your opponent and burns the opponent but if you do it to long it will kill opponent.
Should create fire it has not been tested so if you try this message me im flameburn and let me know if it works.
This spell is to kill either your foe, or a relative of the foe itself.

Please note me if it works.
Conjure a death flame.
This spell makes the powers of flowers kill your enemy.
This spell is extremely serious and is NOT to be taken as a joke or just something you can do for fuN. PLEASE HAVE A VALID REASON FOR SUMMONING HIM.
Friends with Devil. Very dangerous.
Be carefull with this, do it wrong and it could be fatal. Better not to use it at all. The spell will hurt an enemy or kill with enough power.
This will make you a demon and a god.
This will send the person of choice to the Gates of Hades with astroprejection and they will experience terrible pain for 10-20 days or until the caster decides to uncurse them.
Kill your enemies with this spell.
Might cause minor injuries or just make them unlikeable.
A ritual to invoke the power of Jashin, God of Death. Jashinism Relates back to Ancient Japan where People would kill and store their blood to offer to Jashin.
A potion that can make certain people throw up... or worse!
This will make you a god, warning 50/50 chance of being permanent or not.
Used to stultify or even kill someone. This spell is traditional so follow it precisely to get the most effect.
High chance of working. Dangerous
This is a very hard death potion be careful.
Become half angel half demon with retractable wings.
So don't blame me if it doesn't work this spell was from a video on the internet again this spell is not mine.
This is to make you half god half demon if it works it will be in effect until you reverse it.
It makes people hallucinate horrible things.
A spell from the Taveta Tribe of Kenya.
This necromantic spell will haunt anyone who has done you wrong until you reverse the spell or they break it them selves.
You feeling upset because ou two broke up? You want him/her to feel how you feel? Well here's a spell for that.
Breaks victim heart or burns it. Revenge. On someone who hurt you or your family.
Hellfire is one of the easiest arcane forces to use, and undoubtedly the most dangerous. Prepare thyself for the Powers on High to stand against thee, Warlock.
Write a letter to Lucifer or any other demon
A spell to curse your enemies to Hell!
Call a pon Hell the Norse goddess, and cast a curse towards you enemy. WARNING** Only do this if needed
If you wanna hex your enemy you need the following.
Please cast this spell if they abused you in any way.
This will turn your canines in to fangs.
It will hurt or kill someone.
This is based on the anime called Death Note. Ones created by magick can be deadly and have consequences unimaginable for the foolish and dabbling. Make sure you have enough magickal experience before
this spell will make Satan your father. you must be a demon for this work.
This teaches you how to create a killer doll like seen in the film Annabelle. WARNING: This doll (if you decide to proceed with this) is a weapon made by my race, the yuk, and one that is designe
This will hurt the one you cast it on.
Just be careful!
You know it's black magic.
This spell will make you immortal
A spell only to be used on those who you wish to seriously harm or kill. Causes them to develop a disease.
An Egyptian spell for questioning corpses, using gulem of the Progue Ghetto
Call death upon those you deem deserving.
You call upon the power invested in you by the Illuminati to fire a triangular blast of energy.
Spade is the Vampire Mother. When invoked, a little vampire D.N.A is received.
Invoke the aid of Sangiun, Mistress of blood
This will put a curse on anyone you think about while casting. Anyone. It does not matter if you think of them on a good or bad way. *Dangerous*
This spell will allow you to summon spirits and communicate with them.
this will allow you to do the Kamehameha like goku or master roshi.
Enemy killer spell. Zero risk, unless you are a fool who does not salt bath after black magik rituals.
Use this spell to kill your enemies.
This will kill someone in 5 days
A spell designed to kill anyone you want.
A spell that kills demons etc.
This Spell kills the thing you are
thinking of except you so be careful!
Make a spell to kill anyone who touches you.
This is a dangerous spell used to harm and kill another person.
Kills your enemy with salmon berries.
A spell directed to kill a friend of yours who has angered you. Can be changed to be used to kill anyone.
Kill yourself when you are dead.
Cast a powerful curse on someone who deserves it. If they don't deserve it the spell will backfire.
A powerful spell for making of spear of hell fire. Pierces trough anything with soul and takes it into astral plane to the point of inmprisoning. Use with extreme caution. (Spell needs some expensive
This spell is to be able to read person"s mind or what he/ she feeling. Ask me if you want to revenge about the person or maybe Romanian Stupid Witch did this spell to you or to them.
This is not for people who think dark arts is cool and all. In fact, it will strike fear into your enemies since Shinigamis are actually Grim Reapers in Japanese Lore. These death gods will put them in
Drain the life from the target over time.
This spell allows you to bring back the dead and heal other peoples wounds by transferring some of your own life into theirs.
Use this spell to electrocute your enemies.
The one-man hide and seek, aka the one-man tag, aka hitori-kakurenbo, is a ritual for contacting the dead.
The spirits which are wandering restless on the earth are always looking for bodies to
If you want a man to love you and he absolutely refuses, you can goofer him to love you.
I did it and my best friend who I like lusted for me so much that he started making out with me in the middle of class and tried to pull me into a 'private' place.
It will make an old drama of your town happen again.
I anyone can already guess this is the spell that I got my name from because of my love of Voodoo. Voodoo dolls (Poppet) are considered Black magic so be careful.
This spell will find and make your very own Magick wand.
Make the soul of someone go to hell even if its dead.
To make someone heartless (can be used on yourself).
Make someone sick it may take a week or day
This is not 100% true.
This Hindu mantra will cause enemies and people who are jealous of you to be rid of and it will protect you from them.
A spell to send nightmares to someone or even cause death, depending on what you want to do.
A spell for a meteor shower.
This spell is really really really dangerous! This spell causes a meteor to crash on your enemy house! This spell is really black magick!
Below is Raymond Moody's mirror-gazing method to help you contact the spirit of a deceased loved one.
If you want to get revenge on your enemy, follow on these steps and it will work. *Works best on people who borns in monday*
This curse will put terrible misery upon your victim. Warning: it is breakable.
this will bring all misfortune to all of the people you wish
Most of my spells I have created have worked but I am yet to try this.
Raise a dead pet or loved one from their grave. This spell works better at night.
For those who are always insulting you. Make them pay for what they did. Murder someone and make it look like an accident.
A curse to use on your enemies. Severity depends on caster's willpower.
Since I am an eclectic solitary witch, this spell is a mix of several systems that I practice.
This spell came to me after long debate over a "problem" that I HAD with another witch. The inspir
This spell will give you power over the dead, vampires, zombies, etc. Warning if the being has more mental control than you do it will take over you.
If target is unaware of the spell the target will think he/she is going mad and it will hurt them. It takes 5-10 minutes to cast.
Casting a necromantic circle will allow you to summon forth death essence and dead spirits. THis is based off of the tutorials given to us by Euoi on the BALG Forums.
This gives you psychic protecion
I have seen rites that can kill a man at a great distance.This spell is greater dark magic from the book of the black earth, necronomicon.
A curse for your enemies.
It kills some one if they break this magical contract.
A spell to bring nightmares to someone
Torture someone through a bad dream.
This ritual is made to curse and torture a person by the agonies brought on by nine arch-demons. This ritual will allow one to journey into Hell and throw a mortal soul before nine arch-demons and des
I can not stress enough how dangerous this spell is I would not recommend trying this I only post this because I have been looking for a similar spell for a long time this spell works based on your con
To attack
Make money flow into your hands faster than it flows out of them
allowing all of your charka's to open will make you be able to do the big bang Kamehameha and much more.
If you believe someone to have a bad aura or bad karma, this spell will punish them depending on the level of their "evil". Punishments range from none, to pain, to death.
spell to hurt an enemy
Make your enemies feel your pain three fold.
This spell, if applied correctly, will physically ward off people.(IE: people will walk around you, as opposed to right into you.)
You may try this but be careful it MIGHT NOT WORK but if it does I warned not give a spirit or ghost permission to go into something or someone it has to be nice and don't let it possess in s
It will change someone you really hate into a pig!
Is there someone bothering you who just wont let up? Who won't let you get your point across? This will help!
If you have someone getting on your nerves, give them this apple.
Remember that poison apple in Snow White? Maybe you can make that poison apple too and give it to your victim/enemy.
A spell where you can poison your enemy.
A potion to poison your enemy.
A chant to get Baron Samedi (Voodoo god) to porteck you, best used by childen and bies/gays/leses/
This spell will possessed your enemy while your sleeping at night in a bed. Note:This spell requires alot of energy very dangerous! If every ingredient in this spell is done correctly more chances the
A poison only to be administered in small amounts, lest you wish death to the taker.
A spell to cause revenge.
This is to prevent backfire from a voodoo, death, hurting, etc.
Has someone done you or your family wrong more than once? then this spell should rid you all your problems
This is not quite a spell, but it does help
Turn into a pure blood vampire with this spell.
Use this against demons, nephilims, and Evil Wizards. The Purple Fireball spell can destroy evil.
This is the most powerful and deadly curse in the Prophecy that invokes the forces of Kurane into the physical manifestation. This spell is best used when reckless abandon is still not enough and you
It lets you raise the dead
Raven haws are a healing or death powder.
Use this spell to curse someone.
This spell makes the victems blood feel as if it was on fire.
This is a for witches that have many many years of practice (over 15 years). It is deadly! It causes reality to shatter.
This may seem like I'm ripping off Undertale, but trust me, I am not. This is an original spell that I thought of.
Allows caster to reanimate dead.
To remove a curse of death from you.
This spell will bring forth spirits into the world once more.
This is a revenge potion.
This spell could lead to more than one death so I recommend you are crazy if you want to do this.
A spell to take revenge and maybe kill your enemy.
This is a short spell to take revenge on someone who has wronged you. Take caution in using it and remember that whatever you send out will be returned to you.
This spell causes an enemy to be hurt and it will allow you to get vengeance. I warn yo, though, I would never use this spell because the consequences are too great. What you send out will come back to
A ritual curse the enemy. result - the intractable disease.
Use this spell to get rid of horrors and negativities you may be holding onto.
This spell can ruin the lives of anyone you cast it on they will never be the same afterwards.
This is the only way to fully destroy a soul's consciousness and release the energy into the universe. I have never used this, but I talked to someone who had and they said it works. It really breaks t
This is truly a vicious curse to use, because it leads to the ripping of flesh and the shattering of bones. Sahia shows her deepest rages when this curse is used to release her powers into the mortal
This spell is to bring the spirit back to Earth with more complex functions than a spirit. This one will have feelings and thoughts.
Name explains it....
To see the dead self of you.
This spell plants a thought into the mind of your enemies that drives them to self destruction.
Control Shadows.
This spell will kill anyone invading your space.
Use this to make someone sick.
This is a spell to bring illness down on someone. You can use this kind of dark magic spell as a form of revenge, or to get someone out of the way when competing for something in your life (romance, a
This is a blood magic spell, so please be very careful when using this spell. It standard and pretty short, but still, be extremely careful and only use it if you truly want to cause someone pain.
To kill someone or defend yourself from a person.
This is an easy nightmare spell.
Sing a song for Death.
(Black magic involved)
This is pretty much the same as the lightning spell I made except with fire
To feed on a living soul.
This spell will inflict terrible pain on an enemies soul and body.
Curse and bind the soul of thy enemy in searing pain
A basic Spirit trap
Spare your life by asking the God of Death to overlook you.
This spell will cause a fire.
A rather dark spell designed to inflict harm upon another. Can lead to death or serious injury. Use cautiously
Hello this is a spell to destroy or hurt someone message me if it works please.
Will save many lives
this Spell is only for removeing
people but it is my second spell so it mite work
A spell I have done before, it has given the person severe illness and fianacial issues. It can kill if full spell done.
this is a spell to turn into a vampire.IT REALY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of course you heard penty like
this but this
one is the REAL one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Use this to banish someone or something.
Split your soul as many times as possible
Stop someone's blood and kill them.
This spell will stop Minecraft griefers from joining your server and making fun of you at school
Warning: Use at your own risk. If casted wrong you will have summoned a demon who will probably kill you.
This spell is for professional summoning .
Only powerful users of Black Magic
Should perform this spell
Their is many consequences during this spell as in .. Death Curses Suicid
This spell is to summon a demon. Not any specific demon, just one in general.
This is a spell to summon a vampire.
This summons a vampire faery its a very Dangerous spell so be prepared.
Use this to call upon a vampire quickly
Summons a demon assain to kill your enemies
To summon the devil.
All you need is your voice to do this to summon me the demon.
WARNING: Do NOT try this spell if you're new to magick, as it's dangerous and you could die from this if this spell backfires. This spell is very powerful and should only be casted by experienced caste
Slender Man maybe known to kill but hes like the Freddy Kruger of Germany. He gives people nightmares before killing them.
Use this spell to invoke the dead.
A death spell that summons the grim reaper.
This should summon The Grinning Cat
Call upon a dragon.
You'll know everything they know about 'their self' and remember that you switched bodies with them. However, they known everything you know about 'yourself' and think that they were 'you' since birth.
A doll that kills all and eats souls.
A spell to teach you about taking someones soul as your own.
Death spell of doom.
Introduction: This game originated in Japan and involves summoning a ghost that will follow you all day trying to catch you. The object of the game is to avoid being caught.
This is a spell to put a curse on someone. Make sure you put a protection spells on yourself.
To curse death upon an intended target. Make sure none of your DNA gets in the mix.
This is a spooky game and it is good for sleepovers.
Playing the Devil Face game is said to be far from safe and it is advised for you not to play it.
The official method of forming energy used by us iadians. Keep in mind that we never use magic as our race lacks the ability to do magic and cast spells with magic. ALL of Our techniques are purely psy
The test run for this spell caused a meteor to fall Chelyabinsk Russia. This might be the most destructive spell on this site that works.
Cause another person to suffer.
A unity spell to re-empower the martyr. All who cast shall be one themselves. Basically self resurrection
Use this spell to wish death upon a victim
Unlike the spell of mini, you turn Wumbo.
This is a black-magic spell. When cast once, it causes its victim to suffer three days of traumatizing/immense physical pain and nightmares.
Crush the enemy using this spell.
Spell only works at 12:12 to kill your enemy.
To get revenge . To make the person suffer , image anything and it will be done too them, this spell is kind of like too get back at someone who has did you wrong ! Warning ! Evil Black Magic !
Kill a victim of your choosing.
This is a spell to kill people.
To take life forces.
This is a spell that uses flowers and candles to hex severe targets at the same time. It can be a little dangerous is you have not mastered visualization yet, and if you forget to focus on your targets
Do not try this spell by yourself unless you have great experience
This will help you Vanquish a Ghost
Are you being attacked by a ghost demon? This spell is the only one that will work.
This will give your enemy untreatable headaches. Warning: spell does work and its very dangerous.
Turns a person a person into a zombie for their whole life.
This is a new twilight vampire spell.
Suck anything into a temporary small but powerful vacuum in your palm. By the way powerful obviously means dangerous dont aim at your self you might tear a hole in the universe maybe!
If you want to be a vampire with no one knowing use this.
This spell is great and it works it only takes 15 minutes to turn you into a vampire.
To curse yourself by turning you into a vampire!
Enjoy your ever lasting life as a vampire.
This incantation transforms you into a real vampire burn it must be done only on a full moon and said only one time but if you make a mistake try again until you feel it work blessed be and good luck t
THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN ACTUAL VAMPIRE. No Magick can change what you are. It gives you some abilities, but NO BLOOD DRINKING!
Spell that is used in some vampiric clans such as mine and is used to poison or harm people very badly.
Very vicious black magic aimed at your enemies.
This is a strong (Black Magick). Spell that I wrote and mixed blood, death and chaos spells which is used for Voodoo dolls.
This voodoo doll spell will make your voodoo doll work to hurt or kill someone!
This curse ties your enemy's life essence and soul to a rock
A spell to summon the dead.
Sing this song to make a deadly wave.
Curse a guy or girl for stealing your partner. This is black magic be careful.
This spell will make you a werewolf.
This spells bring misery to the person who makes you miserable.
This spell works and shall be used temporarily.
This spell will kill your enemy.
To summon Malphas and his 40 Legions to do your bidding.

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