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Turns you into 3 animals of your choice in 10 days.
im dawn_101 this is my new account. here is a brand new were wolf spell.
Description This is a spell to make you and your physical form change into a lycan like the ones in the underworld movies combined with an alpha werewolf from the show teen wolf
Northern shamans used this spell to gain wolf forms for for a period of time.
An animal spell.
This potion and spell will make you slowly morph into your chosen animal!
I went and made this because I thought it would be cool for people to change willing into the spirit animal.
This spell can transform you into any animal proven to exist. (There is proof of dragons and unicorns.)
My friend and I have been working on this spell that is recommended for canine or feline forms.
My spells usually work so this one probably will. If it works, mail me the side effects, and how long it took.
To become an anthropomorphic animal and turn back and forth at will. Don't change in public.
A spell to turn into any hybrid or regular werebeast.
This is a spell to make you a werewolf.
Create an astral wolf form. A good prerequisite to a werewolf spell as it provides you with an astral wolf form. Meditation and lucid dreaming is recommended to get over the transformation shock, and h
Another astral wolf spell.
This spell should turn you into a werewolf.
Turn into a werewolf (Only do this under a full moon).
Werewolf spells aren't real. You must use a curse, I will test this on myself.
by the light of the moon and our piercing howls we are further transformed into cunning beasts from that circle of life to the evolution of man i shall be reawakened as one with the land,godess of the
The most common were-wolf spell used.
This should turn you into a wolf whenever think of your wolf form.
A spell to become a werewolf.
This Is A Working Werewolf Spell, I Tested It And It Works, and It Is Instant. This Spell Can Be Done Inside Or Outside.
Turns you into a bear but very painful more painful than the werewolf.
I got this idea from the spell, "Ugly Werewolf Spell: For You and Others." But, this spell is the opposite.
This spell makes you turn into a werewolf everynight when your in the moonlight. This works.
This spell is for girls so that they can turn into a werewolf every night when they see the full moon.
This spell turns you into a werewolf (girls only)
you can shapeshift into anything, even imaginary creatures! this is my first spell
Become a hybrid like they do on the vampire diaries.
I don't know if this works or not. I may get it wrong but I'm still a beginner.
This is a spell to become a lycan. You will turn on the first full moon and be able to turn whenever you want.
Become a neko, pair with physical shifting and mental shifting for a neko!
This spell is helpful if you want a pair of animal ears, an animal tail, and both retractable claws and fangs. Neko is the Japanese word for cat but it can be any animal with this spell.
This spell will help you become an okami. An okami is a person with wolf ears and tail.
All the werebeast's: dracowolf, demonwolf, hybrid, werecyote, wereleopard, werepanther, wereseal, werelion, weretiger, weredog, werebadger, werejackel, werebear, werecat, werehyena, werefox, werewolf.
Spell to make you a Pokemon Hybrid.
This spell will make you a shapeshifter. You can become any animal you want.
This is to become a person CAPABLE of transforming into animals. I will do another on how to actually transform. But you need this first.
Some may say it's impossible to become a therian. If you do this spell and it works, you may have been a therian all along. Try it anyway, if you think you may be a therian, or you think that therians
To transform to a vampire.
Makes you a vampire and werewolf.
This may or may not work, it will if you do it right and believe and you will be a werebear.
This spell will turn you into a werebeast.
A spell to become a werebeast.
This is an alternative to my other werecat spell. I am a werecat and I am serious about werebeasts. Look at my wikia. And I have transformed before so I don't "think" I'm a werecat.
Use this spell to change into a werecat.
want to become a dinosaur? then do this spell.
This will make you a werefox.
Werehyenas may be extinct. Use this spell to become one.
Use this spell to become a werewolf.
This turns you into the most famous werebeast: a werewolf. Look on my profile for more info on werebeasts. I made a different werewolf spell, but this is more complex.
If you believe, you will become a werewolf.
Another werewolf spell, this one should work, so please try it!
Although there are loads of werewolf spells, this is another.
All you need is your voice and to say the incantation and you can become a werewolf.
This spell makes you become a werewolf.
This spell allows you to become a Wolfblood, like in the series.
this spell was requested by wolffang79. this is basically a spell to make you into a wolf.
Based off of the tale of the moon sisters this is known as the rebel moon.
This spell takes five hours to three days to work... message me if it works!!
A black cat transformation spell.
Done correctly, this will allow you to control your shifts. Blaze also believed that anyone with a nonhuman soul could shift. While this has a wolf-focus, anyone can use this for any animal. tiger, dee
Blood moon werewolf transformation spell.
Phantom wolf invocation.
This is for werebeasts. You will be able to transform at will, whenever you want.
A spell to become more like a cat,
This will give you the instincts of a cat, like their great hearing and eyesight.
This is dangerous as there is a chance you may become a cat forever. This is for advanced spell casters.
Some chants related to werewolves, more like mantras really.
To transform you into a cheetah cub. You get a special power, it can be anything but only one. Your cheetah form also gets older as you do too, and stops when your cheetah form is an adult.
This will only work if you do Singing4Tail's cheetah spell, you must be part cheetah. This turns your crush into a cheetah, not at will the first time but all other times. Will love you truly and dearl
This spell is owned by the circle, and the circle is a small coven that I haven't made just yet but I will try to put it in the system so you guys can join.
My (comet) PH+M+P shifting methods. May not work for everyone but it works for me.
This is a commonly used werewolf spell. Obviously, this turns you into a werewolf.
Have you been wolfing out only on the full moon? Use this spell for better control.
This has not yet been tested only made it up now and had just tried.
A spell that allows you to transform into a crocodile or alligator whenever you want just think of yourself as one to transform.
guys I'm not sure if it will work for you but you have to say this spell at night at 12 p.m. no later on a full moon outside.
This is a potion to cure any type of Lycanthropy. Some people believe in were-wolves, even fewer believe in other were-creatures. Well this potion is for ANY type of were-creature.
A Demonic Angel Wolf to put that simply it's a Werewolf that's half angle and half demon it is a werewolf that looks a bit different do the demon part but no horns it will be a werewolf with angle wing
This will make the the demon wolf off of teen wolf.
A spell to become a demonwolf, or dracowolf, or a demonicdracowolf.
Marked as White Magic and Homemade.

For any gender and over 15's.

A dracowolf is, put simply, a werewolf that is part dragon. The moon cycles effect the transformations but not control them.
Unlike werewolves, dreamwolves are actually the easiest creatures to become...
This spell will help you become a werewolf. This spell can even allow you to pick which night to transform and to change back! If this doesn't work, no rude mails please.
This spell will turn you into a fox.
This spell should make it a full moon
this just turns you into a glaceon you do the m shift to turn into one
A spell to to shapeshift into your wolf form, and to enhance powers if you are close to selene the moon goddess.
A spell to give a group of people shapeshifter forms. They must all have at least one form in common for it to work. I suggest following up with subliminals, shifting and rituals.
This is a spell to get a fox tail.
This spell makes you grow fur of any animal type. NOTICE: This spell only makes you grow animal fur, and does NOT give you any other animal characteristics eg. tail or paws
This is a spell to become a wolf guardian shifter.
A spell commonly used for detection of your ancestry by the Himalayan shamans this spells will show your ancestry it will show wether you are a vampire wolf or a wizard
How to have a mindset of animal. How to M-shift
A phantom shift is when you feel like you have body parts of a animal They are not physical
the native way to shape shift
You will be both vampire and werewolf.
Hybrid spell to change you into what you want.
To make you a Wolf Shifter (werewolf) and Vampire.
Im not sure to this spell well work well if it works Let me know!
A long article to help you shift if followed correctly. In perspective for wolves but can be used w/ any shifter.
pleasing the spiritual arguments and genetic arguments that plague the nonhuman community
To prevent a change for one night. Can work on other werebeasts too.
An Inuyasha spell anything he can do you can do almost to
Summons Lycanthrope
This spell makes you a Kanima. A Kanima is a jaguar shape-shifter. You need at leaSt a year and a half experience for this to work to its fullest.
This spell lets you shapeshift from human to kitsune and vise versa.
This spell should be able to give you said powers of a 'realistic' kitsune shapeshifter; of course within reason. (this spell may exclude the power of flying and immortality due to physical harm or eve
To become the mystical, clever kitsune of Japanese descent.
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a lion? This spell is for you.
This will turn you into my speicies (im part lion) this will help you when you need but if this does not work do not blame me or the lion spirits. It depends if the person doing the spell is capable of
Yet another spell to turn you into a lycan.
This is not a lycan like on Underworld. In terms of appearance, they resemble Twilight wolves. This is a very powerful spell and must be used wisely.
Spell to turn you into a lycan or werewolf. You should be able to transform at will.
This spell will make you into a lycan like the ones off of underworld. Must do spell: "Become Ill with Lycanthropy" before doing this spell.
This is not a spell, but I hope you read this as it is something to help you about spells and something I consider to be important to remember while casting any spell. This is a friendly monologue by m
This spell is for werewolves wondering how to get raw meat. Works
You will become a wolf!
A Midnight wolf, as I call it, is like the shapeshifters from Twilight, but modified. This is similar to a twilight werewolf spell.
This is my own spell so I mark this as: homemade (sort of) Will be half cat with this unless you mess it up.
Turn into a neko.
This may not work for everyone but it worked for me. Any questions mail me.
It turns you into a person with cat ears and a cat tail.
I know theres a couple of them out there but this one is different and hopefully it'll work (found this on youtube and belongs directly to Hawkclaw917)
Turn into a coyote.
Its also a wishing spell.
Oil of Wolfsbane can kill werewolves. This is a substitute for that.
A spell to become a werewolf. Uses a paper to list the qualities of your werewolf, so the spell doesn't have to be long. You can use pictures of hybrid werewolves if you want.
A were-wolf spell that is very powerful.
This spell is dangerous and you could lose your mind So listen carefully and if you are a beginner dont try this.This spell will take all your energy until you refill it again
Symptoms you migh
If you want a wish than say this spell.
This charm will protect you from being located and/or scried by a Hunter. This is specifically made for Dyan and Aeolean Wolves, but others may use this as well.
This is a spell to grow a kangaroo tail! Results will be in about 2-3 weeks after the spell I will release a reverse spell soon! WARNING: The tail is very hard to hide!
This does work. But you must want to be one with all your heart, and believe it will work without doubt. Regardless of the age, your first shift will be on or near your 16th-18th birthday, unless you'r
It really works to turn you into a werewolf!
Just what it says.
This is not my spell. It is a translation of a Russian spell to turn someone into an oborot, or "one transformed".
Shapeshift into an animal!
This will make you shapeshift into any animal. You can also hybridise animals, like decide to be an amur leopard with silver bird wings, and so on.
A spell to shape-shift.
This spell lets you turn into a vampire, mermaid, werewolf, etc.
This turns you into a dragon shapeshifter.
This spell will help you transform into an animal of your choice at will. You must believe it to work. Drink the potion to have quick, painless transformations into your animal and back.
To help those who need help with shifting.
This is not a spell but a method in making in something you are not.
This spell will allow you to shift into and out of a cat. This spell should be done on a full moon. This is my first spell so it may or may not work.
Just a simpler spell.
It's to enhance your spiritual shapeshifting spells greater.
u can turn into a dingo (Australian version of a wolf), dingo is canis lupis, just like the wolf, which proves dingos r Australian wolves.
Hopefully this wolf spell works to turn you into a wolf.
This spell will be able to make you a shape-shifter. You will be able to turn into any animal (not mythical creatures though, I may make a different version of this spell that allows you to turn into a
Want to be a vampire & werewolf in one time ? Do this spell.
this will help you to become one with your inner wolf.
This spell will give you strength and allow you to have a spirit wolf Although you may not see him or her you will always know he/she is with you.
This spell will give you strength and allow you to have a spirit wolf. Although you may not see him or her you will always know he/she is with you.
In this incantation, you'll transform into either a wolf or a dog. Color and physical characteristics relate the ones in your human form, though size is usually at least the size of an average wolf, an
This is an old coven spell that turns you into a werewolf.
This spell is based off of a wolf spell and a dog potion combined to fit my needs. You can make your dog part canid (ex wolf, coyote, jackal, etc.)
This is how I summoned my fire wolf.
This spell will summon any of the three supernatural beings listed in the spell.
This was a spell I made forever ago. Warning this spell may summon a hostile werewolf or vampire, on a rare chance perhaps a demon.
This potion is to summon any kind of dog to a spot you wish, but it requires a lot of ingredients.
If you want protection, then this is the spell. Summon a wolf spirit to protect you from the devil.
I am not quite happy with the lack of these type of spells (Since I tried one like this and it didn't work) So I decided to make a spell of my own. Tell me if this works for everyone, this spell is the
This is a curse based off of the tv show the vampire diaries. If a vampire uses this it allows them to walk in the sun and werewolves are stuck turning every night of a full moon. If werewolves use thi
Will make your dog fast. Doesn't work on people.
Spell to obtain Super Powers.
How to grow a tail in 5 minutes.
This is a spell that attaches a fake tail of fake set of ears to you for a night.
*this spell is owned by the circle, and the circle is a small coven that i havent made just yet but i will try to put it in the system so you guys can join.*
This is should work and if it doesn
This spell turns you into a vampire, werewolf hybrid. Can be done on any moon phase!
Turn into a werewolf.
This spell is a werewolf spell, it is tested. Do it at night on a full moon or a waxing moon.
I'm testing this spell as we speak so please if it doesn't work, no mean mail. I got this spell from YouTube.
This spell turns you into a tiger. This spell doesn't belong to me. It's from TwilghtFan1122 on YouTube, so this goes to them.
All you need is your voice and to say the incantation and you can become what you want.
this takes about 3 hours to give you the energy to physically shift into your other form. *KEEP IN MIND YOU WILL NEED AT LEAST A LITTLE ENERGY FOR THIS CHANT TO START INDUCING THE TRANSFORMATION SOONER
This is a spell preformed by 2, one a werewolf that wishes to be human, which in this spell is the sender, and the other a human willing to become a werewolf, the receiver.
This is my first spell I've been working on it for a while but have not had success. I am a beginner and this may not work. This is supposed to work best at night.
This spell is for experienced people only if not turn bake now! This spell nearly turned me in to a bear permenitly. First time often painful.
This isn't really a spell but I just wanted to tell you that your belief will become your reality. And it's been proven to. So magic has no limits but it can only do what you believe it can. We can alt
This spell most likely DOES work. You will be able to shapeshift into a hyena. This works for all shapeshifters, even bat-vampires and werebeasts. Most werebeasts can not shapeshift into other forms. B
I got this from my friend. It's supposed to turn you into any Pokèmon, whether legendary, pseudo legendary, starter, or just a common wild Pokèmon. Any (not fake) Pokèmon you choose.
You can change back and forth whenever at will this time. You may turn into any Pokèmon. This is my second spell, so this might not work right away.
This is not a werebeast spell, just a shapeshifting spell that turns you into any breed of all the wolf, coyote, jackal and fox species.
If you want to be a werewolf but are having issues, try this spell.
A werewolf transformation spell.
Become an alpha werewolf like on Teen Wolf.
It's not like the other spells.
This spell turn into a werewolf every full-moon.
This spell can turn you into a werewolf.
If done properly, this spell should turn you into a wolf.
You can turn in to an type of dog
Warning: as you are making someone/thing into a werebeast, and it has not chosen it, this is counted as a curse. The werebeast has been caused by magic.
As the title says. Simple and works
This is a spell if you are wanting to be a werewolf.
I don't know if it works, Haven't tried it myself. Please if you try it message me with the side effects .
this spell shall allow you to become like the werewolves in the twilight series, only you get to choose what color wolf and what color eyes you get to have.
Title says all. If you want to know more. Message me or watch the Twilight Saga
Pretty much a twilight wolf spell, just like the movies
This will and will not work for everyone but try it to turn into a werewolf.
This is the ultimate transformation to become a furry meerkat, arctic wolf, dragon, anything!

You can turn back into a human, but this isn't a "shifter" deal. You'll become a furry, and
This spell will make you one of the strongest/fastest and etc werewolves. It all depends one your belief. It may and may not work otherwise.
Use this to access the true wolf in your heart.
Become a Hybrid like Tyler or Klaus
Be a werewolf like tyler from the vampire diaries.
This spell worked for me so mail me if it works for you.
Only works for werebeasts, or if you are waiting to become a werebeast, but not sure if it will work, depending on how much you believe. You can transform up to 5 body parts.
Turn yourself into a werecat
There was something I forgot to add on. Come to this one for the extra things I forgot.
This should make you a werecat.
I don't know if it works or not but don't blame me or Endermander if it doesn't.

Original (c) Endermander
This spell will transform you into a werefox.
This will make you into a fox.
This will permanently turn you into a werejakal.
as the title says. I AM a weretiger, message me to let me know if it works... good luck!
This spell makes you a werewolf. This is my first werewolf spell email me if it does't work I'm sorry if it doesn't.
Basic Werewolf spell. Should make you become a werewolf at full moon. Will only work on a full moon.
This is a spell that my friend made you to turn you into a werewolf.
Super easy spell to transform you into a werewolf.
In order to make this spell to work you need to believe that it will work to turn you into a werewolf.
This will allow you to shift into a wolf. You will always shift on full moons, and when you want (after 5 shifts).
Must Memorize! (full wolf, not lycan)
I'm using a lot of my good magic to make this spell work for everyone to turn you into a werewolf.
This is a popular spell to turn into a were-wolf. This MUST be said on a full moon night.
Do this werewolf potion- spell under the full moon
Use this to ask Fenrir to turn you into a wolf.
A Spell to turn you or someone else into a lycanthrope on the full moon after the spell.
A werewolf spell.
Become a werewolf.
This spell has been found in the original Spell library of the witches of many years ago. It's not necessarily a spell, but it's a chant to the goddess Artemis/Diana to send her wolven children to help
This spell does work to turn you into a werewolf!
Makes you a werewolf. You don't get to choose if you're a shifter or a lycan, the universe picks.
Should turn you into a wolf every fullmoon but you should be able to turn your self using control.
A spell to turn you into a werewolf.
This spell may work for those who's has the spirit or will to be one
It worked for me and can turn you into a werewolf.
This spell will make you a werewolf by the next fullmoon.
A spell that lets you become a werewolf.
This will make you a werewolf.
This is a werewolf spell I wrote, go ahead and try it, not sure if it'll work though.
This spell is more vague than most werewolf spells you would normally see, but requires more and is higher quality than most.
The real werewolf spell to become an Alpha.
This spell is for those who are born werewolves and have not yet begun to awaken.
Turn into a were-wolf.
A spell that makes a werewolf bite you.
I still have not tested this one and do not know if there are side effects other then transforming on the full moon will be very painful. So sorry please email me if there is any thanks and have a grea
This is a spell to turn you into a werewolf.
Turn yourself into a werewolf or werewolfette.
This will transform your human feet into big, strong, werewolf feet on a fullmoon.
This spell can turn you into a werewolf in seconds.
I GOT THIS IDEA FROM XSuperWolfX DONT SAY I COPPIED!!!! But I was intrested in her spell but there was NO WAY I was eating a Hand full of salt, so I made this. But instead of him/her just asking you ou
Turn yourself into a lycanthrope.(Man-wolf)
This turns you into a werewolf or Lycan. So if your willing to go through so much pain.. Your awesome!
A Werewolf/Lycanthrope/Loup-garou spell. You HAVE to believe in yourself and in magic for it to work. It is NOT like in the movies obviously though. But you will have a better sense of smell,sight and
If you practice this enough you can meditate yourself into a werewolf; but it takes practice!
Shift without spells or ingredients
This spell will help you transform into a wolf faster and easier then just a werewolf spell alone.
A spell to turn a group of people into werewolves. Wolf-type, NOT lycan. Read everything before beginning. The "size" part, you choose one of two lines to say whether the wolves are normal, or the size
Able to give you a special wolf companion that is able to possess you and you can control what happens! I have tried this and am in the process.
Works best when consumed before a werewolf spell. It can be used on its own, and you do not need to prepare it if you want to do a werewolf spell.
Simple werewolf potion. Best on full moon.
This is a potion to turn into a werewolf! It has worked for me and my friends.
A ritual to turn somebody into a werewolf. The form you take will be of a wolf, not a half human half wolf.
Live your wolf dream.
a spell to turn you into a werewolf just beware it's really painfull
want to be a lycanth well here ya go
This spell will turn you into a real Werewolf by the next fullmoon. I mean REAL werewolves not Jacob werewolves. The werewolf you will become is the kind I am tall, strong and awesome.
this spell should turn you into a werewolf/ wolf that stands on 4 legs
Makes you become a lycan and you will shift under a full moon! I know it works cos my friend did it and now he is a werewolf :)
This spell will turn you into a werewolf. I cannot say how long this will take, but I can say I've tried so hard to make this spell work.
A simple easy spell that will turn you into a werewolf.
The most extensive spell/ritual
This spell is guaranteed to make you a were-wolf, but beware, it might change your life to either better or worse.
You can be a werewolf by doing this
This spell is to change yourself into a werewolf. I don't believe that you would fully change into a werewolf like in the films, you will be similar though.
My second werewolf spell. I haven't tested this yet, so I don't know if it work or not. It's like the other spell.
This spell I wrote to turn you into a werewolf. It takes 5 full months to work but is almost guaranteed accurate. Over 12 of my friends used to be werewolves from this spell. It is one of the strongest
To be able to shift into a werewolf.
To turn you into a werewolf after you see the full moon.
Turns you into a werewolf on the full moon
Spell for werewolf You will have to say the spell times !
Turns you into a werewolf, but gives you control in your wolf form.
Not sure if it will work the one I got it from didn't specify what or how to do it I would assume once on a full moon maybe 10 times im not sure sorry.
This spell turns you into a wolf formed werewolf, not lycan!
You Must Believe And Think About It Working.
This is a spell I have seen many times before, although i have tested it and it DOES work. It can be done either at day or night and you MUST believe in the spell in order for it to work. This spell wi
This is a spell that my friend made you have to say the spell 9pm to 3am and the transform painful for the first 5 times then you will not feel the pain
A spell to help you to become a werewolf.
Allows you to become a werewolf. This is a complicated process.
This is a spell that will transform you into a werewolf.
Turn into a werewolf.
A spell to turn you into a werewolf.
I haven't tried this mail me if works.
This spell will change you into a werewolf.
This is a werewolf spell for girls. It turns any normal girl into a werewolf.
This spell makes you a vampire diares were wolf like tyler.
This spell will turn you into a Werewolf-Vampire hybrid. You will have the ability to shift into a wolf at will and also grow the fangs of a Vampire.
This is a spell to turn you into a werewolf vampire hybrid. I made it for Kathy_Pierce
To become a werewolf.
A spell to become one with the wolf. Do on new moon. Has not been tested.
Turns you into a White werewolf on the next moon.
A spell to make yourself a winged wolf shifter, capable of growing wings, turning into a wolf, turning into a winged wolf or returning to human form at will.
A winged wolf spell.
this will make you a winged wolf btw any power spells you casted before this spell will work when you shift into your wolf you know you are going to shift if you shake alot when you are standing still
This spell gives you two forms to shapeshift to painlessly at will, plus retractable wings on all your forms, and a few other things. You must read the entire spell before continuing.
To become a Witch
Turns you into a wolf. Untested and unsure if it works. Inspired by Singing4Tail's cheetah cub spell. This spell will also make you immortal.
This spell will turn you into a wolf.
This turns you into a wolf.
This spell instantly turns you into a wolf.
Werewolf physical wolf change.
A spell created to aid one in the mental, spiritual and physical transformation into a wolf shifter. This spell takes on mind and body to create the ideal mindset of a wolf, to aid you in finding this
We might believe Light of the moon, but the truth is it's actually a partial spell. It doesn't make it possible to shift, so I've decided to finish it.
A simple spell to turn you into a wolf.
This is a spell that turns you into a alpha wolf.
This will transform you into a wolf on the astral plane
This spell is best at a full moon to help transition you into a wolf form.
It turns you into a wolf blood.
This spell will help you create a dream in where you are a wolf.
Call your wolf guardian.
To help you become a wolf shifter.
Turns you into a were wolf on a full moon.
This will let you have wolf ears wolf tail etc. Yes I have tried it so enjoy.
Turn into a wolf.
So you and your new pack will be like wolfs like from twilight.
This potion should make you become a better pack member when you drink 1-3 drops of it. Again, a pack secret dont share this!
This spell will call on the wolf animal as protection as a guard of your soul and body done on the full moon.
This spell is very painful but it will take patience. Your soul will transform immortal.
This will turn you into a wolf.
Hi I'm James page and I'm the leader of the Bloodwolf pack.
I'm a pure blood (born wolf)
My grandmother was a Wiccan who mastered the arts of magik.
When she passed almost 2 yea
This is to try to teach you how to shape shift or any help message me not sure if it works
This spell turns you into a pure wolf and back to your human self with a few perks for your human self.
The other one was screwed up.
A spell to shift into a wolf at will. Shifts may at first be hard to control or initiate.
A ritual to allow a human to become a wolf at will. This ritual requires fire and candles, the full moon, and several ingredients.
This spell will Make you become a Wolf Shifter so that you can shift or shape shift into a wolf. Some Side effects for the spell are: Head Aches, Stomachaches, Tooth Aches, Hair Growing more/Faste
Will allow you to enter the mind of a wolf depending on your understanding of magick and the power of your mind.
Helps you gain wolves Form and
you can switch when ever
This spell with transform you into a normal wolf, yes you can control your shift and wolf form.
Ever wanted to be a wolf, you can now!
WARNING: You might not be able to be human again.
Wolf spell untested.
This is one of my first wolf spells so msg me the side effects and if it worked
This spell will make you become half wolf, meaning that you can switch back and forth. This is white magic so you will be a normal wolf.
This spell will turn you into regular wolf. And yes you will have full control, and able to shift whenever you please.
This turns you into wolf on next full moon.
This is a wolf spell (NOT MINE made by James123Wolf on kik). You will become a wolf (the one on four legs). If you want more information join this Animo http://aminoapps.com/c/AnimalShifters
This spell will summon a wolf spirit.
This spell will give you a wolf tail obviously, and these don't usually take as long like wings, but its still a good process.
This is a simple process, but it will not work for everyone.
This can either be done on a full moon ( make sure the sky is clear so the moonlight shines on you) or on a Monday at the tenth hour, which basically means make sure its 10:00pm or after.
I haven't tested this spell, it is the first one I have made and planning to test it when I have the time. Email me if worked, or have any questions.
This spell turns you into a wolf. Since this is white magic, it won't be a werewolf. Sorry if it doesn't work. The transformation could take a while.
To transform into wolf; first transformation will be within 20 days if worked.
Helps transformations go smoothly.
Something I made and put thought into, like more then usual. Hope it works, if it does message me! You are still human, but you cam shape into a wolf.
This worked on my sister and can work for you to turn into a wolf.
Here's a werewolf spell that works to transition your body.
This spell divides any creature into their best and worst side.
Note: it is impossible to seperate them physically. The eye color will change. Blue signifies the good, red signifies the bad.

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