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Fire Spells

1st : Breathe freely, stronger resistance of breathe than normal breathe. 2nd : Invisible Gills (not always worked) 3rd : Elements Breathe
You will learn how to make ur fire claw go to absolute zero temperature.
This is an interesting white magic technique in which you light up a street lamp using the power of your focus.
Used to help aid control of fire.
This spell will conjure a bright spark. Take great care, as it can easily ignite wood.
Ancient Flame that annihilate anything within the path.
It is true that there is one kind of spell I love the best of all - the really, REALLY old and primal ones. Consider this. For how long have human beings made fires, and looked into the flames, w
Opening a portal to hell. !WARNING! using this spell are needing a lot of consentration and fire!
Cast a beam of light out of your staff.
To control Fire, follow the Spell, but use it wisely. Overuse can result in spontaneose combustion.
This spell can help you determine how Fire Magick will MOST LIKELY work for you.
Get a wish to come true (ex. Happiness, Love, Luck, Good grades) and also repel a negative subject that is in your current life.
If you are having trouble banishing a demon back into the void, then here is a quick spell that is easy for all.
This spell banishes anything you want to banish it is very powerful but it depends on the casters ability of how potent it will be.
This is the most basic fire spell
Creates a basic fireball
To get fire to move in any direction you wish
Call the wind (works best after meditation)
Read this and you will learn to become a black wizard.
This spell will turn you into a fire elf.
If you are in a bad friendship with someone and you don't want to hurt their feelings, then use this spell.
A simple Beltane spell.
This spell will make a flame bend.
Creates a small fireball capable of hurling anyone into the air.
A small spell that may be performed on an already-protected magical item. Let's just call it a spell enhancement.
To brighten a light so much that you could blind yourself.
Create blue flame.
Will make any fire someone is casting 10 times stronger and moves it to your hands.
A spell that will warm your body up slightly.
a simple spell to warm your hands when cold using your iner fire. Oh and it also works on other parts.
Be careful because this spell can boil anything and make it really hot.
Makes you breathe fire like the titles says.
This spell will make you breathe fire.
Burns your enemies with a touch of a finger
Anger or another negative emotion inside eating you up? Burn it up!
This spell gives the spell caster an increased amount of power and energy for spell casting or abilities.
Burns people when you touch them.
This spell achieves the same things burning off carbs naturally would do for you.
Take your anger and get rid of it
use the strangth of a massive storm to desroy all in ur path
This spell may give you warmth or heat in times of need.
Summons flamming bats.
By following the following instructions while making a candle, you can attune it to evil. It will burn with flicks of violet color.
Learn some battle magic!
This I like to call innerflamed spell, but this will cause a fire ANYWHERE, exept on people.
This spell increases your power for a short period of time.
Fire thats cold as ice
this is a spell that will let you control the temperature of your hands ( I'm not sure if it works on other parts). Please don't judge this is one of my first spells
The candle in this spell is used as a placebo of sorts. It represents an idea. When you find that you can focus on the flame with out problems, remove the candle and replace it with a thought. This tec
This spell will determine which Element you control.
A spell to control a candle flame.
contral fire with your mind or hand using and out-powering your exclusive yellow energy by collecting negitave eneery
This is only my second spell so im not sure if it works or not hope it does if so message me side affects and if any and how long it takes to actually take affect also if it doesn't work then tell me I
How to control fire and breathe life into your hidden power.
This spell will allow you to control fire as a small ball in your hands. Keep in mind that this spell may take practice.
A spell to control fire.
This spell is somewhat dangerous not only to you, but the others you may hurt using this spell.
This is not 100% percent proven and has only been tested on a candle. It does not work for me every time, but that might be because Im new to magic, and I can only get it to flicker and stop flickerin
Learn to control fire with this spell
A spell to slightly cool and slightly heat your drink.
Basic fire/heat spell.
This has not yet been tested only made it up now and had just tried.
Make the candle flame do twists and you will find out.
This spell will kill your intended enemy.
Kill your enemies with this spell.
To kill someone.
Summons a demon flame
A demon flame can't be extinguished or destroyed with out the extinguish counter spell
A spell to help destroy bacteria in a wound.
This spell teaches to do pyrokinesis, or controlling fire.
A spell to give you draconic strength.
This spell turns you half dragon.
This spell is guaranteed to get you warm in an instant!
Create the feeling of riding on a dragon's back.
This spell will allow you to blow fire.
This spell dresses and blesses a regular candle especially homemade candles
This spell will give you warmth that you need at extremely cold times.
A powerful sphere that's so powerful that it shines into the infinite darkness itself...
An amulet to give you the attributes of the fire element.
This spell can make you control different elements.
This is a spell to give you control over the elements.
This spell should aid you in gaining control over the element, fire
This spell will turn you into a Fire Fairy in six months time. Be patient! Your wings and powers need time to develop.
Element of fire.
Control fire using this spell.
Gain more energy by heat or make a fire.
This technique/spell may make you warm-best to use it when you're cold, and Works very well if your part of the fire zodiac which is the Leo,Aries, and the Sagittarius.
This technique/spell makes you warm- best to use it when you're freezing.
Explosion Breath is a secret Dragon- or Half-Dragon Fire-based spell, but this spell can be used by human people too, but only if they are granted the power of the spell, and its hard to learn for them
Been feeling trapped lately? Well this is the spell for it.
This spell will help you determine your element.
This spell helps you find your element if you don't know what it is.
Fire. Air. Water. Earth. Those are the four main elements, and each sorcerer/sorceress has a strong one. Do this and you will find your own element.
This spell allows the caster to freely burn an object or someone magically.
Use this spell to make fire.
This spell is going to help you on those cold nights when you have those small fires, but you wish they were bigger.
Fire spell but will only last for a couple of minutes.
A basic fire spell.
A fire spell.
This is my first spell to help you burn something with fire.
To block the enemies attack with a wall of fire.
It freezes your opponent and burns the opponent but if you do it to long it will kill opponent.
This is one of the first spells I wrote.
Spell to make a fire ball.
Make a fire ball in your hands out of your hatred.
Just a simple fire ball.
I use this spell one time to kill my enemey.
Learn some battlable magic!!!
A chant to make a fire ball.
This spell enables you to create a fire ball. It takes massive amounts of energy, but after MUCH practice, you could create several without wasting a breath! There are many different versions, many whi
A spell to create multiple fireballs at once.
This spell allows you to cast fire balls at an enemy.
Shoot flames from your hands.
This spell makes flames strike a object from your hands. Merlin used this spell when he was alive.
Uses molded energy to burn the energy system of the target.
Binds a object to your defense
Fire breathers are dangerous. Use this to become one.
This spell can burn down a building.
This spell utilizes the powerful protection of fire.
How to make a claw out of fire.
Will give you retractable fire claws.
A spell that makes your finger nails longer and made from fire.
This spell is for lighting fires.
This is a very easy spell to control fire
With this you will be able to control the fire. It is hard and you need to practice for a lot of time to achieve it.
This is my first spell and requires prior knowledge of the psi ball spell but basically it allows minor control over fire
How to control a small flame for beginers,but if you can focus you can even control the biggest of flames
Should create fire it has not been tested so if you try this message me im flameburn and let me know if it works.
This spell will make the flame on a candle ''dance'' when you move your hand .
This is a powerful spell in which you create a dragon made of the element of fire.
This is a very powerful spell, and must never be practiced indoors and before you have mastered elemental or fire energy gathering and controlling.
Listen I had people tell me that things are not real. But listen I live by a code always see through to the conclusion.
A simple chant to help you build your affinity with the fire element. Keep doing this everyday to build your connection woih this element, once you feel you have, you can move on you higher level spell
You can burn peoples shoulders with your hands using this spell
This spell should enhance your fire spell abilities.
Put out a fire with the mind.
This Spell will turn you into a Fire Fairy in six months time.
A spell to give you a hot, burning touch.
Summon your fire guardian.
Control fire with this spell.
This spell gives you the power to have fire in your hands.
This fire-based spell is used to target a specific illness. Although, I personally am a water-based mage, I have authority over fire as well. The following spell is very effective
If you struggle with cold water in the shower, this is the spell for you! This should turn the water in your tap comfortably hot.
This spell will hopefully get your crush to love you or notice you.
For people that have the element of fire.
A minimal fire movement spell hold your breath so you dont think its that.
This spell will conjure a hot flame. Take great care, as it can easily ignite wood or melt some of the metals.
Create a fire path when you lose your way.
This Spell will give you a bottle of Fire Pixie Dust
Gives you the power to control and summon fire.
This spell will make you fireproof.
This will stop all fire from touching you.
A simple protection spell that requires concentration.
This spell enables you to create a ring of fire, either floating or on the ground.
Divination through fire magick
This spell can give you infernal skills.
Summon fire.
This will let you control fire, but not create it.
One mind blast make fire.
This is a simple fire spell for anyone interested.
This spell didn't done or still didn't practise, this spell should invoke spirit of fire be careful you need water pack a bottle of water or uncontroll be calm and stop in a minute. Translate the s
This is a very powerful spell that must be used at a long ranged target. This spell is a explosion of fire.
This spell is to get rid of evil spirits, ghosts, monsters and other evil things.
A spell to encase your hand in flames.
This spell is to make a wall of fire around people and places.
This spell calls upon the element of Fire to grant a wish. Use carefully.
If you want to know your Element, Answer the questions in this link.
Title says it. I have tested this spell and it worked for me!
A candle.
It makes a little flame
Use this spell to make fire do your bidding.
This spell is a high class fire spell, if you don't have proper knowledge of magic it can harm you.
This spell can attract and repel flame.
This spell will help you learn how to shoot fireballs from your fists.
Makes you feel warm and also strengthens your flame power.
Burns the person hearing they're own guilt
Just a fire spell. Doesn't really work for me.
Make fire turn black
Summon flames.
Give yourself a magickal perk-up and shine with the energy of fire.
Give yourself a magical perk-up and shine with the energy of fire.
This spell helps you throw a flame by using you palm.
Create a fire tornado.
A spell to shoot fire arrows.
A stave-roun for to overwarm the cup-mere for the word-gates of a foe-wight.
A spell to change your element from earth to fire.
Smoke elements:
Bend Smoke
Shape Smoke
Clear Smoke
Make Smoke
Make Smoke Hot
Make Smoke Cold

or More
This technique will connect you to the element fire and help you grow your energy.
If you have a bad burn this will work.
Gives you heat if you focus.
To heat someone up.
This is a group energy working spell. It will help create strength in a coven or a small group of witches.
A spell to make you warm when you are cold.
Spell to make tomorrow hot.
You can do one or all of them.
How to make black chalk
Making spells that are very powerful.
This is a way to master element spells. If you know your element then this will work.
Powder that burns extremely hotly, so hot as to melt through steel. Take great care.
Ignites the target.
Use this spell to create a fire illusion.
This is an Inferno technique I created for people who are starting to work with fire.
Everyone has fire within them and if you wish to controll the fire around you you must connect with the fire within you.
Contact your inner fire power.
By using this spell you can bring some joy into your life by the power of fire.
This spell makes some serious heat using ki and your hands.
This spell will not make you start sweating or get all hot. This is only for a chill.
This spell will allow to start flames.
Just don't feel like you can't finish a project or even start one? Fire can help.
This spell will bring the sun early.
Use this spell to draw energy from fire.
This spell creates a powerful and virtually unstoppable blaze that is strong enough to melt metal and incinerate even the strongest materials. It also spreads itself even in the abscence of oxygen and
Basically if you get to hot you do the spell and you will cool off and if you start feeling hot again its normal thats just your body reacting.
it makes a well it makes a flame that attacks your foes, note that this is a risky spell it could burn you like any normal fire!
A spell to shoot a ball of fire.
Make a fire.
How to make candles
Just a simple wand. This can be used for anything unless the spell you are using the wand for needs a special element wand of course.
A spell to make the bad luck go away.
Lets you create fire.
Inspired by SpongeBob. Will make your hotsauce spicier.
Hate winter, fall, and spring, but love summer? You don't have to wait until school is over! Try this spell today! It can be summer all year long!
This spell will make an object hot.
Warm your body.
This will make a beautiful fire for you and your family.
Control some parts of fire.
Move a small flame using telekinesis. (Telekinesis)
See in the dark (fails often, not always reliable)
Start to cast a Nova
A spell to bring someone to you.
This is the first of a series of fie magick spells of which I will be post to this page.Fire Magick has been around for centuries. Here exposed to you isnthe art of magick and fire! Fire magick can be
Allows small fire to appear (for lighting candles and stuff).
This spell utilizes the transformative powers of fire for personal change.
This spell utilizes the transformative powers of fire for personal change.
This will give you the power of a phoenix for a short period of time.
As the title suggests, you get phonex abilities. These include Fire wings, Priokenisis, and very hot.
Helps writers block.
This works to protect you or whoever you wish it to protect.
This spell shows you the truth through visions.
For attack and defend but only fire element people can defend.
A protection incantation that will only work if your element is fire.
Protects one from evil spells chants cursesand spiritual harm.
A quick and easy to do protection spell.
Protection spell using the fire element.
This spell is for those who have a psychic connection with fire. This spell can help before using spells so you have a better flow of magic.
This spell puts a fire out.
This spell can put out a fire!
Put out a flame using your hand.
Use this spell to bend fire.
A 'Pyrokinesis: How To' tutorial.
Easy way to learnhow to control fire.
This article will help you manipulate fire.
build pyro abilitys can possably be intergreated with fire based spells.
Expelled your hate and trade it for something better: the ability to control fire
Title says it all.
To reverse wotan's fire magic
Ritual for the execution of desire with 40 candles.
Ask for the understanding of the flames.
You can see energy like it is fire!
Kind of weird but use this spell to gain the power of shooting the elements out of your hands or fingers.
Become intouch with fire.
This spell warms you up slightly.
To make the sun appear on a dull day.
Gives someone a small burn.
This spell will create a small flame.
ps this is my first spell and it mite not work
This spell will cause a fire.
This spell will allow you to control fire. You will be able to use the fire in any way you wish.
Lets you see spirits.
Chant this spell to help stop a fire.
I have been having nightmares that have scared me lately and I decided to do something about and created a spell, that helped me so much. I have not had a nightmare since.
This spell requires lots of calmness and silence. Message me if this didn't work, best of luck.
This spell will let you create and control your own Fire Golem.
This spell makes you get a pet fire wolf that will protect you and be your loyal companion. Email me if if works for you!^^
With a clear voice and a strong mind
Summons a serpent created in the fires of the elemental plane of fire whether it obeys or not is a different story.
A spell to warm up a person's body.
This is a spell for all those cloudy days.
This spell is an attack and defend spell. But only the people with the fire element can use it to defend.
Learn how to talk with your phoenix.
Please read this description before casting this spell.This spell is meant for the use of protecting your tarot cards against any dangerous threats, not intended to change the outcome of your cards.
Came up with is in the shower because the water was to cold. So far it works for me
This spell is used to call forth the energy of The Dragon of the Flames and channel it in anyway you see fit.
Try this spell and it will make your hands hot.
Practice your Fire Manipulation.
It will make the sun com out and power your wand.
This spell invokes the power of the Greek war god Ares to summon a powerful and destructive bolt of energy down onto your foes.
This spell is a little more science related because it involves using your own body heat to begin the spell and magical power to amplify the spell's power. This will conjure physical heat and astral fi
This spell come from old grimoire spell.
Just to keep warm from anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple hours. You still might be a bit numb, but you'll stay warm. You may need to keep recasting it every so often but it should still wor
Fire element spell to bring love into your life.
A spell that works to stop slander and gossip about you.
Turn a candle fire off with your palm.
Create a fire tornado.
IT is IN THE TITILE plz read this beginers before going onto spells(exscuse the spelling i am diclexic if you have questions then email me on this website on beakyboy4 profile
Everybody has fire in them, if you can control it you can warm yourself up among other things.
This spell to make this house warmer.
This isn't a spell but it is a way to warm yourself up fairly quickly.
Create sensations on other people using this spell.
Warm up your friends with this spell.
Warm up your friends with this simple spell.
Cold weather is already here and not everyone likes to freeze so use this spell to raise your temperature slightly.
This makes more heat from the sun come into your area.
This spell keeps you warm for 48 hours: you can not cool down.
This spell will make you as warm as you want.
It's supposed to make you warm.
Following these instructions, you will learn how to provide yourself warmth. This takes many times to fully master but is one of the simplest spells you can do as a fire beginner.
This spell warm you up and enhances your eyesight.
Do not claim to be a pagan, wiccan or a witch if you don't even know the basics of witchcraft.
Use this to manipulate fire.
This spell will strengthen your will and resolve.
Ever had that one wish that you dreamed could come true? Well, now it can. Tested four times, work 3/4 times.
This spell is a simple wish granting spell. It wont always work 100% in your intention depending on your skill level. This spell will not work on observed things such as "I wish everyone o earth will d
Fire magic spell to curse someone.

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