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Hair Spells

A hair color spell that changes color of hair.
This spell will enchant a ring or watch to give you hair like the woman's in a photo.
Spell that Involes burning leftover hair from your comb for long range telepathy
Want to grow a beard or make someone else grow one? Well here's how!
Will make your hair beautiful. This spell is simple and easy.
To make yourself a little more appealing.
Follow this ritual to bless a brush. Using this brush will help quicken the growth of your hair!
This hair removal and prevention beauty spell will remove unwanted hair growth, whether from all regions of the body or a specific selected region. This spell can also prevent future hair from growing
This changes your hair color.
This is either revenge or help.
Spell to make ur hair different color say before go to bed
Use this to change the appearance of your hair.
Change your hair any color. The effects should start 10-60 minutes after the spell. After 2 days you should see highlights of that color untill the color takes over the whole hair.
This ritual, when done with a coven, will create violent wind and rain storms. Best performed by an all-female coven of over three members. Use with caution, as always! Note: it is not recommended to
This is a spell to get your hair to change from gray to black. It works best with dark hair.
Suits your desire for dark brown hair with golden streaks.
When you want your enemy to lose their hair.
A spell for beautiful, long hair.
This spell may or may not turn you into a mermaid but it will make you have the personality of one and it makes you have great hair!
Makes your eyelashes so thick and long like me!
This is a spell mainly for male use. I would not recomend casting this spell on a girl. For it may have results not of a desired look
This makes hair growth faster.
These are my faves hair growth spells
Ingredients to give you better hair
Warning! this spell only works for girls! this spell is (supposed) to be used for gender change. Not tested!!!
I created this spell my self to grow long hair, faster.
This spell will make your hair grow really fast.
This is a spell to get a fox tail.
Spell to grow hair by morning!
A spell for you to grow hair anywhere you want
This is not my spell. You have to say this spell 3x for two days for your hair to grow.
This spell makes your hair grow 4 inches in 4 days.
Twice a day say three times
Questions ask
This is a spell to make your hair color change by using the ingredients stated and putting the color you have and the color you want in the blanks.
To speed up the process of hair growth in a specific spot on your body
This is a spell to make your hair grow faster, smoother and shinier.
This spell works after 24hours to increase hair growth.
To grow hair in 3 days
A hair growth spell that works.
This spell will Make your hair longer.
It should make it so your hair will grow faster, it obviously wont happen like bam. Guveni is a Viloldian god
Every woman wants long, beautiful, soft hair, but every woman also knows that sometimes the hair needs a little help to be just the way we want it.
Grow your hair faster.
To grow hair or aid it.
Just a little spell I wrote to make my hair grow faster.
This spell will grow the casters hair to they're desired length and repair damaged or thinned hair.
This is a potion that is supposed to make your hair grow fast.
Helps grow hair and locks.
This spell will provide hair growth.
To make hair grow.
Will help hair be healthier and longer.
This spell makes your hair grow 4 inches in 4 days.(Not my spell)
Hair growth spells that work to promote hair growth and health are difficult to find. Most of the information one runs into concerns old folk remedies and cures for concoctions to put on one's hair.
For certain witches like me, we have a thing for beauty. So using our potion skills for our beauty works well.
When you use this, use it on the ends of your hair after use of conditioneer.
Remove hair dryness with this serum, use it wisely, as you may become addicted to it.
This is a spell that allows you to grow your hair 4 inches long.
A spell I wrote to straighten my hair naturally; it is similar to my hair growth spell.
This spell will make you have a desired length of hair.
You will not see results immediately but given a couple of weeks, your hair will be fully and longer
Intense version of yourself spell. A spell that enhances your features. Also good for those who's appearance aren't so healthy, dull or faded. Also to help bring out the inner you :)
This can take from at least 2-5 weeks of waiting for the desired effect of your hair length
This spell will grow your hair as long as you want in 1 day (This is my first spell so may or may not work)
This spell will add glow and softness to your hair .
This is a spell to make your hair and eyes more beautiful.
This spell will cause you to naturally look more like how you desire, gradually over 15 days. It must be performed on the night of a new moon, preferably at 11:11 PM.
If you want a spell to make your hair grow instantly and very fast use this!
If you want a spell to make your hair grow instantly and very fast use this!
This spell will make your hair easier to cut if it is hard to cut.
This spell helps your hair grow quicker, longer and silkier.
Might fail I do not know. P.S. First spell.
When the moon is full, make this special water for other spells, and rituals.
If target is unaware of the spell the target will think he/she is going mad and it will hurt them. It takes 5-10 minutes to cast.
Spell to grow hair overnight.
Believe in this spell to turn into a rabbit.
A spray that makes your hair grow rapidly.
For hair with a salty texture, use this wisely, as if you use too much, it might look like you didn't wash your hair.
Use to get hair with texture but apears as salty dry as salt in ocean waves.
This spell will give you better hair.
Do you think your hair needs to be smoother? Try this! (it also grows your hair 10cm) It's not to drink, it's to apply on your hair
Grow your hair faster
This will make your hair grow
A spell to change your hair color to whatever you wish.
To have the hair or type of hair you desire.
To make your hair grow faster and quicker
You can turn in to an type of dog
WARNING! Might only half work, meaning it will make it easier to comb your hair.
Helps grow your hair faster, stronger, and healthier.
Simple wishing spell to turn into something else.

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