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Attractive Spells

10 ways to attract love or attract attention from your current lover.
This is more of an intermediate spell. Though if done right, can change your mid section drastically in a short period of time.
Makes you very beautiful to certain aged people.
Have you LONGED for that thigh gap you have been wishing for but cannot get? Well this is the spell for you!
This is a spell I created for a friend of mine. She showed results(i.e. clear skin) within twelve hours. Good luck and many blessings.
This is an easy spell to do while you're washing your face to help keep those annoying sits away.
A potion that will attract a certain girl to you. The oil is simple to make and very potent.
This is a doll spell that is used to make someone to fall in love with you. Wiccans or other Pagans may not appreciate this style of magick, but it is perfectly acceptable within Voodoo.
this spell makes you look unnaturally attractive when a neon light hits you.
This is protection, self-love and attractiveness glamour at the same time. But you can suit it to whatever you want.
This spell will make the one you love,love you the same way in return.
Amulet-spell for the unfading beauty
This spell makes animals more attracted to you.
Changes the shape of your ears to the animal ears from your choice.
A simple spell.It triggers pokemon features to grow, but only halfway.
Spell to give offerings to Aphrodite and ask for you to receive her erotic charm.
Do you want to spice up the romance in your life? Use Aphrodite's love potion to get the love you want!
This is a basic spell I made in a dream. What it does is it invokes aphrodite and her helpers to mend or start a relationship.
For looking for love.
This should make anyone that you want to fall in love with you even if they don't know that you existe Or If they hate you or are in love with someone els.
This spell determines whether or not you and your love are truly in love.
This love spell requires only a handful of rose petals (preferably given to you by a friend or a loved one so they're already filled with good energy)
To attract a lover, but be carefully, use with conscience or youŽll have consequences. This spell is very strong.
Attract someone to love you.
This will male you attractive if you like and hair or body if you like.
Use this spell to help make yourself more attractive to whomever you wish.
This will attract either a Man or Woman to you whoever you desire.
Get whoever you want in a flash!
Oil used for attraction.
To help get a little bit more noticed, or make it easier to talk to your crush or loved one.
Someone in my email list want me to make this. So I'm not testing this for this one! So try it!
May work to make you seem more attractive to others.
This Spell will show you how to do an Attractive Potion. It will make your true love come to you. It is a truly powerful Potion, so use it wisely!
A spell to attract a lover, can be a specific person or not. (Haven't had chance to try, best if on a full moon! Email with results.)
A spell to help you attract love and know that you are loved.
This spell will bring a lover to you.
This spell should hopefully make you look like Audrey Hepburn! Tell me if it works!
Uses Aztec magic to boost beauty.
Use this spell so others can see your true beauty, enhances attraction.
Here is another easy witchcraft spell that will draw things to you, though in this case it's love. You'll need:
Makes you beautiful!
This spell will make you beautiful from the roots of your hair to your toenails.
This is temporary and only others will see your beauty you will still yourself.
Spell to get a smooth and beautiful skin.
This spell is if you want to be beautiful.
A spell to make you beautiful.
This is a spell that works to make you beautiful.
This spell is to show people your beauties on the outside and inside
Spell to make you beautiful.
This will make you cool (only for girls)
This spell actually works to increase your beauty.
This is a beauty spell I wrote that can also be used for attraction.
A spell for beauty
Reverse Vanity Insanity.
Speak these words 3 x 3 every night at bedtime.
This will make you look nicer. It does not attract love or anything of that sort, but it will only work if you already have a crush/are in love/something like that.
Beauty enhancing spell to make you or your intended become more beautiful physically.
In order to bring the beauty of the face and body, the first day of new moon.
Use the power of Venus (who can be substituted for any love and beauty) to glamour yourself to be more beautiful.
This is the first spell I've ever made or preformed. It's supposed to increase beauty all over, but have one area be specified as the main area of enhancement. I hope it works and please message me the
This spell will give you true beauty.
This spell not only increases your outer beauty, but your inner, as well. It is known to get rid of most, if not all, blemishes on the face and body.
A beauty spell that makes people attracted to you and makes you more popular.
Make yourself look beautiful.
Just what the name of this spell implores. You will become beautiful. But, it takes time.
Refer to title.
This spell with make you more attractive to others.
Make yourself pretty/realise you are.
This spell can change anything you want about your body!
This potion will make your voice more beautiful especialy while singing.
This spell is very powerful but can be made by anyone who desire from my will! You dont need to have magical skills to do it!
This spell will turn you into a mermaid. But it can take a while.
Makes you a mermaid in three days.
This spell will make you beautiful beyond compare.
You will be able to guide the nature and make your skin beautiful.
Works to change you into a fairy.
A spell to make you sing better.
I just tried this as an experiment, but it works to give you better skin!
This spell is gonna be to make you beautiful.
Spell For bigger breasts.
A simple spell to give the user a much bigger bust size. Increases the cup size by 1 to 2.
Butt enlargement spell for those needing some help.
I'm Gonna Try This Out After Spring Break But If This Works Message Me My YouTube Is BeautyRuler And Beauty.Ruler
Binding someone annoying.
Seriously this is inspired by the song black magic and will help attract boys.
This black magick spell will help you attract your true love.
Follow this ritual to bless a brush. Using this brush will help quicken the growth of your hair!
This works best on the waxing moon. It makes you more pretty to your crush, but he may not tell you. It was given to me by my spirit guide, Emerald.
This spell will make some one fall for you depending on how much blood and will you add to it.
This spell will make changes to your body over time, though it will only work on one aspect at a tome.
spell to get into shape, lose weight, become more beautiful, and more attractive. With the assistance of the divine Goddess of physical love and beauty Aphrodite.
This will give you your desired body.
A simple beauty spell that requires strong belief and concentration
A potion is a magical mixture of herbs or other ingredients that can produce a variety of effects, from vanquishing a specific demon to turning one thing into another.
It can be the relationship you're in, or someone else's relationship
This spell is to help you have bigger boobs/butt, please tell me your results!
This is a spell I found to enhance your breast size.
An easy spell that really works to increase your bust!
This spell achieves the same things burning off carbs naturally would do for you.
This is a ghost calling and talking with them spells.
To make someone see the goodness in you.
An ancient Celtic love spell to help you with being irresisable with your love.
To temporarily change your eye color.
This spell works to change the color of your eyes.
Change your eye color to anything you wish. Somewhat complicated.
Change something about you. Anything at all. Caution: only will work the first time you use the spell.
Simply change your eye color without those hard to get ingredients, yet still have it work effectivly.
Have you ever wanted to change your eye color? Now you can.
Makes your eyes change colour. Pm me if it works
This is to temporarily change your eye color. This spell doesn't permanently change you eye color.
Change your eye colour with an easy spell!
A spell to change your eyes any color you want!
This little spell will change your eye color!! My eyes brown and they turned blue!!! It was really cool! Note: For me it only lasted a day, but you could always do it again! :)
I Haven't Tested This Yet But It Should Work My YouTube Is BeautyRuler And Beauty. Ruler Subscribe Please :)
Changing your skin color with a simple chant.
Want to be beautiful? Chant this! Rank : Intermediate High
This charm will make you seem more attractive to any gender.
Use if you suspect a love spell on you, but if not, dont, extreme pain happens if its natural love, I learned this the hard way, you shouldnt have to
Love potion spells based on the magical number 9, but this is one of the more traditional ones. It's an easy spell, even though it does have a long list of ingredients. Thankfully, they are all pretty
This spell uses basic magick ingredients to help clear your skin.
This spell will give you clear skin within a matter of 12 - 24 hours.
It will make the love of your life come to you
There could be days, when you are not feeling right. This could help sometimes if it is just a self esteem matter.
This spell will help you to gain confidence. It especially helps with females.
this spell uses a cookie to ignite a fire in someone's belly for you.
A spell made to bring you love.
This spell will help you create your very own boyfriend. Message me if it has worked for you
This is a spell to get you curly or straight hair temporarily.
Spell to curse your enime forever reverse)i wish to forgive i wish to forget the person has done rong so free him from this sin spell
Got someone you really like and they dont know you exist. Well this spell makes him/her desire you the way you want. I garentee it works 100%.
This spell is for everyone with a low self esteem or low self image of body shape. If you are overweight and have trouble losing weight and comitting to a diet, this spell should work great for you. Ho
Love spell difficulty: Low Time to Cast: Under an hour There are many different versions of this one around, but I still feel like it's worth sharing, simply due to the ease of creating it (Everyth
Have your crush dream of you and wish to see you once he wakes. Guaranteed to work.
The aroma of simmering Dreams of Delight may be so inviting that drinking may not be necessary. Merely inhaling the fragrance with its subliminal message of love and seduction may be sufficient for the
This spell makes someone else more attractive from a distance.
Use this to break a spell previously cast.
Have you ever wanted to change your eye color? This is a easy spell to change the color of your eyes for both beginners and experienced.
This is a very easy love spell. It works 100%.this spell has made me happy, I got NB;it works for both genders.
A spell for beautiful, long hair.
This spell will turn you into a vampire as well as having a single element given to you that you will be gifted in.
Gives your the wisdom to find and understand information on healthy diet and exercise, removes temptations and roadblocks, encourages the luck and moral of the person dieting.
I've posted this
For everlasting youth. A spell that can be used by people with any skill level.
A spell for changing your eye color easy.
Changes your eye color.
This spell will change your eye color in 24 hours!
This spell will make your eyes change color. This is not my spell.
Change your eye color.
if you want to change your eye color your wellcome to use this spell
A toner that helps keep your skin looking healthy and makes you appear more beautiful!
Grow fangs with a simple chant.
This makes hair growth faster.
These are my faves hair growth spells
This spell takes approximately two months to increase your cup size by one size up. Some people may grow twice as fast though, it all depends on how susceptible to the effects you are. I grew one size
A spell that helps your breasts become fuller and more attractive.
Use this spell to make anyone think you look like something else.
Ingredients to give you better hair
This is to make an enchanted bath that allows you to look young, and will also fix problems caused by old age.
A spell to purify your body and to become more beautiful.
A basic homemade love spell to increase your CHANCES with a particular person of your choice. Must be done on a Full Moon
This spell takes 3 nights, starting the night before the official full moon date. Get a small fire going (you can use any type of wood for that). Stand before the fire toss in some salt, and say,
This will help you get your friend back...But you have to do it correctly or it will fail and you have to do it all over again!
Get a familiar(an animal to help you with magic)
This spell will make your hair grow really fast.
A quick spell you can do with objects in your home.
Get rid of zits on yourself
This will make your crush like you a lot.
We all know that when your girlfriend thinks she's right, she's right. So here is a spell to get her to agree with you.
The title says enough.
A spell to give you Gillpandas whole body and figure.
Will not change gender for guys.
If you want some ladies use this spell. It will make a girl have a crush on you.
This spell won't change your physical appearance- that's not possible. However, it should make others see the beauty in you.
Turns your eyes green
Allows you to grow your muscles any way you want.
Just a spell to turn you into a h20 mermaid. Don't hate me if it doesn't work because I just made the spell.
A hair growth spell that works.
This spell will help your hair grow longer!
This spell makes your hair grow 4 inches in 4 days.(Not my spell)
For certain witches like me, we have a thing for beauty. So using our potion skills for our beauty works well.
When you use this, use it on the ends of your hair after use of conditioneer.
Make a man to look handsome with an abercombie and finch models body.
Having a little trouble with your spouse? Hoping for a happier marriage? Wanting a magickal way to bless this officially united romance? If you want a happy marriage, just use this spell.
This spell will make the bad energy in your face leave and people will only see good energy which makes you look better.
Do you love some one enough to have sex with them? Well here is your chance!
Good for your skin, use as a base for herbal bath spells.
Drink when feeling old.
using hoodoo to lose weight for a diet spell
This will get you big money and FAST!! :D
This spell is permanent. If done wrong, the results could be kind of bad. But when done right, you will be more physically attractive to the person you use this spell on.
Follow this guide and your candles will be shiny and beautiful.
Use this spell to become beautiful.
This enhances the inner and outer beauty of the caster. I tried this for the first time exactly one week ago as an experiment and I had two people ask me out on a date.
Quite LONG
summons the horned god cernunnos
In the tittle
Invoke the goddess of love beauty.
This spell will create feelings of beauty and cconfidence. It may or may not be placebo but the effects are wonderful
This is a spell directed to Isis to help gain a lover or more love to be shown to you by others.
An easy to do love spell.
This is a very easy love spell that will take you very little time to perform though it will be 2 weeks before the charm is finished.
Mey not work *become a kid for one day*
This is a spell that makes your crush kiss you, after the spell try to flirt and have eye contact with him/her.
A spell to make you as handsome as the god Adonis
Lavender is one of those interesting substances that may serve as an aphrodisiac or create the opposite effect. The only way to find out how someone will react is to serve it.
Use Lilth's help to become the sexy fiend to attract any gender you want. *For women only*
A lipstick charm to make you more positive about your appearance!
This can take from at least 2-5 weeks of waiting for the desired effect of your hair length
Look like anyone! :) Disclaimer: You cannot look like anyone that is a different race to you, has a different eyecolour, but only somebody who looks sort of alike to you.
This spell is to help you look like your desired self, whether it be someone or something you wish to resemble or how you imagine yourself looking.
Drop off your weight!
This spell will help you lose weight without harming yourself to do so.
Use this Spell to become thin fast.
A spell to make anyone fall head over heels for you.
A spell to bring you love and attraction.
This spell helps you to increase your love between your boy friend/girlfriend.
Make any one love you.
This spell Is from the book "the spells dictionary" enjoy.
A way to attract that special someone.
This spell will help you find or get love back. It will go deep into our soul and find your true desire.
Spell originally by Cassie Uhl on Zenned Out.
This is a spell to be loved by all and for everyone to see you as beautiful/handsome.
Works as a love spell for people around the same age.
A working love spell warning extremely powerful and real.
Really strong spell that will either force someone to love you or they will die.
Make someone fall in love with you or die.
This will make the person you love fall in love with you in a day or too it depends on how strong the love is. - For girl's only.
Make someone fall in love with you.
Concoction used to sexually attract another, based on medieval love potions.
I really don't know if this works so if it does or doesn't meassage me.
Easy love potion.
To make another person fall in love with you, brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon (moving from empty to full).
This will only work if you are single. This will not increase your relationship!
You may get hurt if you don't do it right but this is still for beginers
There's no going back if the spell works for you.
Gives you a lover.
To bring a lover.
This will work if you believe it will just say the spell.
This will let you make anyone fall in love with you.
This is a Love spell chant that makes your crush in love with you, It takes a week or a month but you have to have many eyecontact with him/her and smile.
This will make a certain person to just someone you don't know fall in love with you
This is an inexpensive multi step spell for attracting love. It is not for a specific person, but to make the caster have better luck finding a partner.
This spell will bring you a dove to your love with a note
This helps you make a hair-tie that makes your hair silky.
This is a spell to make your hair and eyes more beautiful.
Become so irresistable that he/she cant keep your eyes off you.
This is the ink used in every spell that I post. it's easy to make, but items need to be gathered at specific times on a specific day. Welcome to the old magics.
This is one of the many magical tools needed to perform love magics of old Spain. Follow Correctly or risk complete failure. This tool is used in bonafide love spells.
this needle is used in my spells to draw the blood of the caster. the same ritual is used in the crafting of this magical needle as it is in both the white and black knives Black ingredients for thos
This is the item used in writing any and all magics from which I present to the masses.
This spell will cause you to naturally look more like how you desire, gradually over 15 days. It must be performed on the night of a new moon, preferably at 11:11 PM.
this is a spell to radiant perfect beauty, becoming a symbol of attraction to all that lay eyes on you. warning this spell must be for good and not used for vanity.
This spell makes a boy love you.
Who's on the phone? A Spirit!
If you want a spell to make your hair grow instantly and very fast use this!
If you get bullied or get called ugly make the person that is calling you that ugly.
This is a spell to make you more beautiful.
This spell will make the one of your choice fall in head over heels love with you.
An attraction spell.
Use this spell to make someone find you attractive.
This is to make someone dream of you.
Love Spell Difficulty: Medium Time To Cast: 5 Days
Make anyone ugly with this easy curse.
Invoke 3 ancient goddesses to gain some of their beauty.
Hello witches, Ravensky here and welcome back to another spell for mending a broken friendship for anyone. Keep in mind that it's a powerful spell, do not cast this spell just for fun, or it will backf
May or may not work to turn you into a mermaid.
This is a mermaid spell.
Supposed to make everyone see your inner beauty.
Allows you to lose weight
This is True! I did It and I Have 4,000 That I want To Have Promise
Hey,try out this spell that I wrote myself.I don't know if it works but at least try it and believe.
This is a spell to make you beautiful.
Use this spell and each day you will grow more beautiful.
I made this spell too. Hope it works for you. I have not posted spells in a while but I will try to make more.
This should help you get a smooth acne free complexion in about a week.
The use of hot pepper in love spells is kind of a Voodoo tradition, but can be pretty successful in any kind of spellwork.
This spell will make people see you as you want to be seen for 6 hours straight. It will let you change and modify yourself. Example: You stink, you dont want people to smell you they won't smell you.
Make yourself look perfect and beautiful.
This is a spell I found on the internet- I don't own it. But still message me if it works for you or others.
As the title says: perfect teeth.
This is a spell based on the goddess persephone, for beauty and longevity.
Let's you change how you look can give you a talent and can give you a better personality such as not such a big temper or something like that.
These fragrant petals soften your skin, while enchanting your heart so one may think you are beautiful. They boost your beauty and chances to win in the Game of Love.
A spell that can physically change your body.
Change your body to a desired body type.
This is a spell to make you popular.
This will make the person have potato skin until you or the other person cures it.
Your crush will quickly fall in love with you.
This potion will work solely on how you give the potion and how much you believe.
This is a list of potions you can try at home.
A reunion spell I wrote for a close friend of mine.
This is a prayer I wrote based on the Deadly Sins, but this focusses on the positive.
This is an oil that requires a base oil to go with these essential oils. This oil is used to attract men to women and to promote success in general as well as in love.
Makes whomever you wish grow an attraction to you. However, it is up to you to do the rest of the convincing.
the spell is... mermaids mermaids,hear me cry,my only wish is to be one of you in the ocean blue,my in tenion are pure please make me a beautiful mermaid whenever i get wet my voice will be enchanting
Same as the title.
Revives dead hair
This spell uses the energies of water and rose to bring beauty. It won't cause major physical changes such as different eye color or a new nose but it will bring out one's inner beauty and natural allu
For hair with a salty texture, use this wisely, as if you use too much, it might look like you didn't wash your hair.
Create a magically charged seashell to attract others to you.
This spell helps your self confidence and body confidence go higher!
A chant to get you a potential mate.
This is a simple white magic no consequence spell besides from eye color change and a slight headache.
One particularly powerful way to cast a love spell, is to bless an item as a charm and wear it near you after the spell is cast. For this spell, you will create a charm out of a ring, though it will ta
One particularly powerful way to cast a love spell, is to bless an item as a charm and wear it near you after the spell is cast. For this spell, you will create a charm out of a ring, though it will ta
Use this small chant to enchance your positivity, attractiveness and beauty.
This spell will attract a lover to you.
Use this to make your crush fall in love with you!
A simple love spell for anyone.
Spell/Prayer to the goddess to be more beautiful (handsome) and more powerful.
This spell is used to change your skin color.
This spell will make you sing better before 1 day has passed.
All you need is your voice and to say the incantation once to sing like an angel.
This spell is for a woman to take the charm of a siren. For that to happen the woman have to be blessed from a siren. The siren will bless the woman but not transform her into a siren. You have to born
This is a spell to ask help from the sister sirens. Is a good way to understand if you are a siren too. If your pray is answered then you are a siren. This spell is made by Monicawolf and works great.
Spell to get skinny.
want a lover who loves candy? Give him/her this skittles love potion.
This Should Give You A Slimmer Waist You'll See Results Within 1-3 Weeks Good Luck My YouTube Is BeautyRuler And Beauty.Ruler
This spell will make you become slim like Angelina Jolie.
A little smaller or bigger for your senses? Try this!
This will work to give you clean and glowing smooth skin.
Clears your skin from acne and makes it smooth.
With simple steps, you can make your skin extremly smooth
This is less of a spell, although the incantation helps, it is more of a potion or remedy. It works especially well on feet, knees and elbows as these are usually the roughest parts of the body.
This is a spell you can use if you want soft skin. On occasion, it can make you look younger too.
This is the hex made to stick one person to you for the rest of your life. Be warned as if you get with the wrong person, it can be dangerous because you're messing with the person's freewill.
make a guy loves you
make a girl loves you
A spell to make you as handsome, or as sought-after, as the god Adonis.
A spell to make you as handsome, or as sought-after, as the god Adonis.
This spell will make your eyes change the color what you want it to be. If this doesn't work, just try again.
Caution This is very risky Cause you can die make sure your atleast a 200 pound beast!
For Abundance
A spell designed to make someone desire you.
spell atracts males or females by love just make girls boys
This spell is used to portray your inner beauty, transforming that energy into an increasingly charismatic feeling.
This is a spell where you can summon a incubus or hot lady succubus for your needs i should say also one thing incubus does not work if gay .
Chant this spell if you want supernatural beauty
This is actually more like a ritual, you do this everytime before you go to sleep. This spell can also make someone dream of you, and you dream of that person. This spell can be used on a specific pers
This spell enhances the love that someone has for you.
A genuine spell that allows you to switch bodies with a target.
This is a Talisman to help you meet your perfect match.
This is to make you ten times more beautiful.
So, my friend told me about this spell and said that it worked. She tried it on a boy that had a girlfriend and he just stared at her and got weird around her. My friend was about to start walking home
The Prayer of Intranquility is used -- especially in Latin American folk-magic -- to make a former lover unable to rest until he or she returns. Consider, though, when you do this, that if the person
Should make you thinner (body wise).
Make someone you love/like think about you.
This spell will attract love to you.
This spell will make you more attractive and feel good about yourself.
This spell will cause one you love (romanticly) ten times more beautiful. This spell is irreversable... but, then again, why would you reverse it?
This spell will allow you to attract a snake.
I wrote this spell for a cross dresser who wanted to feel great about themselves and attract some feminine energy.
This spell should lift you're thoughts on yourself so that you can see the true beauty within you.
This is a fire element spell.
Say the incantation once to become more beautiful.
This is the ultimate transformation to become a furry meerkat, arctic wolf, dragon, anything!

You can turn back into a human, but this isn't a "shifter" deal. You'll become a furry, and
My Sister and I made this the other night.I don't know if it works. I am not liable for any side affect.
This will make you have the beauty of a vampire but will soon end when the sun rises.
People say beauty is only skin deep. Others who are vain say differently. They want to be beautiful both inside and out. there's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best! :)
This is a simple beauty spell that will make you look more attractive like maybe tightening your skin or getting rid of annoying acne as well as even your skin tone. I will make a more complex one that
This is a simple, potion to get rid of warts.
A spell to help you lose weight
This spell is meant to focus your energies into speeding your metabolism and boosting your body's weight loss. However it will not prove effect if you don't also attempt to eat healthily.
Easy chant to increase chances of losing weight.
This will help encourage weight loss and is easy to do.
This will help you lose weight
Choose your new weight.
A weight loss spell that I made to help you lose weight. It will make it faster, better, and more effective if you exercise, eat healthy, etc.
This spell uses color and candle/fire magick to help the caster lose weight. Though not tested, the element may be swapped out with another. The spell may have to be rewritten.
It's just like a love spell.
This spell will make you a werewolf by the next fullmoon.
A wiccan spell to become beautiful.
This spell can give you any of your wishs.
This is a version of a wish spell I learned before for a different goal, I adapted it & tried it out. I'd have to say that since it took only 48 hours after casting that if your intentions are true but
This spell is to bring love and atract a lover!
Black salt is a spell enhancer and great for protection satchel spells, cleansing magick tools, and keeping stones and tailsmans free from negative or unwanted energy
This spell gives you youth and heals you.

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