Strength Spells from The Immortal's Keep

Strength Spells

This spell enables us to practice in the safety of our sacred space, before venturing out into the everyday world. It is not so much a healing technique as an energising one. The closer we come to an u
For those who have developed intuition and learned to trust their clairvoyance, this spell offers a way of having information come to you when it is needed. Do this during the waxing of, or at, the Ful
This charm is to bring out an existing talent and develop a potential, not give you one you donít already have. If you have a secret ambition you might try this spell. It uses herbs as its vehicle and
(Coven members only)
I do this ceremonial bath to help open my physic awareness.
This technique is similar to that used when you prepare your sacred space for magical working and employs the four Elements as a basis.
This is a spell which enables you to work with someone without them necessarily knowing what you are doing. This is used only for positive encouragement or to let someone know that you care about them
This spell uses colour and candles to allow you to make a decision over two opposing outcomes. You are in a sense taking the dilemma to the highest authority in order for the best outcome to become app

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