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Relationship Spells

This bottle is quite a nice one to give to your lover as a token of your love and to intensify the link between you. The herbs are all well known for their association with love, and because of the lin
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The spell is designed to bring back the spark of love into realtionship which is already in existence from some time .
Charm bags are a very efficient way of carryingreminders which can add extra zest to life. This one is used to help you overcome shyness,perhaps when you are meeting new people or doing something you h
This spell uses the Elements combined with herbal magic. It is an old spell and comes from a time when every spell-maker would use what was easily available to them. The best time for performing this s
This spell is reputed to work very quickly, so do not be too rash. Red candles represent passion, so you must take responsibility for whatever happens when you call your lover to you.
This spell calls on several disciplines; candle,representational and incantation. It is best performed at the New Moon, since you are trying to bring about new ways of relating to people and also hopin
This spell uses the combination of nutmeg and intimate garments in a form of sympathetic magic, combined with herbal magic. It is said to keep a partner faithful. It obviously can be done at any time,
This spell works over time. A relationship that grows slowly generally has more chance of success than a whirlwind romance and that is what is represented here. Small seeds represent the many facets of
This is a charm that uses both colour, herbs and knots in its fashioning. Love is always of interest, but do remember that you need to be clear in your aspirations. Numbers are also used, seven being a
Sometimes it is possible to get caught up in a situation where three people are in a love triangle. It would be wrong to influence anyone one way or another, so here is a way of resolving the situation
There are times when you must rely on your own maturity and experience to carry you through a difficult situation, perhaps a family quarrel or a work dispute. This spell reinforces your belief in yours
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Basic Scrying Spell
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for those who wish to get married, the intent to get married is the first step. here we use the rose to bring this intention to fruition. this is done during summer.
This is quite an effective spell and does give you something to do while you are waiting for true love. It makes use of candles and of plant magic. Timing is important since it uses the rising of the s
This spell uses symbolism, herbalism, candles and colour to achieve a purpose. The dragon is a symbol of wealth, wisdom, power and nobility, while ginseng is said to enhance virility. The supposition i
This spell is one that uses herbs, crystals, candle and colour. The herb rosemary traditionally signifies long memory, the rose quartz crystal signifies love and the colours signify love and passion. I
The art of braiding is one which can be used in spell making to represent many things. In this particular spell it is used to signify the coming together of three people and in the unbraiding an amicab
When communication between you and your partner seems difficult, you can forge a new link using this spell, which is representational.
This is not a spell to draw a person to you, but more to ‘open the way’ – to alert the other person to the possibility of a relationship with you. The spell should be performed on a Friday. The use of
Charm bags, talisman bags or mojos, whatever tradition they come from, are useful in bringing about a certain result. Friday is the day of Venus and her specific hours are the eighth hour of the day an
This spell contains many of the types of magic normally used in spells. There is candle, herbal and plant magic as well as representational. It is designed to make you feel better rather than have an e
If you find that your partner’s attention seems to be wandering, try this spell. It is best performed on a Friday, the day sacred to Venus the Goddess of Love.
This spell is done best at the time of the Waning Moon or New Moon. It is not done to get rid of a former partner, but to exorcize your bad feelings about them. It is sensible to finish the spell by se
This spell is candle magic and also representational. It is a little more complicated than most because it requires an understanding of symbolism. It is best done on a Friday. The objects you use need
This spell is a Romany one which works on the principle of making two things one. The apple always has been a symbol for love, and pins area symbol of industriousness denoting the effort which must be
This is a combination of a candle and mirror spell and is designed to improve the work environment. It works equally well for all levels of work relationship. Often spells to do with work are best done
This spell uses fire as its vehicle, not as candle magic but in your cauldron. You use an incantation and can also use magical ink and parchment if you so wish. The spell is best done at night-time and
This technique is worth trying when your lover is not paying you enough attention. You are using the laurel leaves to back up the energy that you are putting into making the relationship work. This spe
Occasionally people get into a situation where they are being pursued by someone whose attention is a nuisance. Rather than reacting in anger, it is often easier to open the way for the unwanted suitor
This is a spell to stop an argument between you and another or to change their feelings of aggravation.
This is a very old folklore spell. Using a bulb is symbolic of love growing unseen and unrecognized for a time, finally flowering at the right time. You cannot simply leave it alone, but must tend it c
Chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac, a mild euphoric, and helps to heal depression. It is therefore extremely effective in love potions and spells. In this spell two ingredients are brought together

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