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Attractive Spells

As our knowledge of herbs and magic increases, we are able to use old-fashioned ideas and charming customs and perhaps return them to their original use. Pomanders, aromatic spheres that are prepared b
This spell is reputed to work very quickly, so do not be too rash. Red candles represent passion, so you must take responsibility for whatever happens when you call your lover to you.
This spell works over time. A relationship that grows slowly generally has more chance of success than a whirlwind romance and that is what is represented here. Small seeds represent the many facets of
This is a charm that uses both colour, herbs and knots in its fashioning. Love is always of interest, but do remember that you need to be clear in your aspirations. Numbers are also used, seven being a
This spell is representational and helps double any denomination of paper money that you have. You are asking that the money be increased so you may also use a herb which has this effect. You are also
In many ways this spell is one which is about loving yourself, hence the use of pink candles and love oil. In the use of incantation you are making a link with the principle of beauty and with the Godd
This spell is one that uses herbs, crystals, candle and colour. The herb rosemary traditionally signifies long memory, the rose quartz crystal signifies love and the colours signify love and passion. I
This is not a spell to draw a person to you, but more to ‘open the way’ – to alert the other person to the possibility of a relationship with you. The spell should be performed on a Friday. The use of
Charm bags, talisman bags or mojos, whatever tradition they come from, are useful in bringing about a certain result. Friday is the day of Venus and her specific hours are the eighth hour of the day an
Best if performed at the time of the New Moon. You use everything new so that you change the vibration and can look forward with hope. It is representational and is carried out at the time of the New M
If you love someone but feel that they are not reciprocating, try this spell. Be aware though,that by using this spell you are trying to have a direct effect upon the other person. You are using repres
This is a very old folklore spell. Using a bulb is symbolic of love growing unseen and unrecognized for a time, finally flowering at the right time. You cannot simply leave it alone, but must tend it c

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