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I am going to give a few facts on Death Witchcraft.

What is Death Witchcraft?:

I personally define death witchcraft as working with and honor spirits of the dead (ghosts, ancestors) as well as the power of death itself (endings, resurrections). Death witches reflect upon the concept of death, come to terms with their own death, and work through spiritual deaths in our lives. We also communicate with the dead regularly. Many of us heal and help the dead, and in return, they aid us in our magical workings. Rather than fearing death, we embrace it as a pivotal point in the cycle of life.

How is this different from Necromancy:

Necromancy comes from the Greek words nekrs ("dead body") and m a ntea ("divination by means of"). Literally, it means speaking to the dead through divination. Most necromancers receive insights about the past, present, or future through the dead.

Necromancy is part of death witchcraft, but it isn't all of that path. Death witchcraft also involves working with death as a force, dead plants, healing the dead, and other aspects of the end of life. Some death witches also call themselves necromancers; others do not.

Today, the term necromancy is often reserved for ceremonial magicians who work with the dead. Some modern-day practitioners prefer to avoid the term because of its association with fantasy. On this blog, I will often use the terms necromancy, death magic, and death witchcraft to describe my path.

Why Do you perform Death Witchcraft?:

As with any magical path, everyone practices for difference reasons. Some people have an intense fear and fascination with death, and they aim to find peace through this path. Others have experienced the deaths of loved ones, and they want to heal and aid the deceased. Some worship a death deity or work as a mortician, while others are in it for the power.

Regardless of their reasoning, death witches choose to embrace death and actively work with it. Since death witchcraft relies on spirit work, it has a high learning curve and is one of the more taxing crafts out there.

What do you do in the Craft?: A lot of spirit work, namely contacting the dead. Some death witches focus on healing the dead, while others work with ghosts to perform other spells. Most death witches conduct shadow work to assuage their anxiety surrounding death as well.

Common techniques of the craft include tending to graveyards, giving offerings to the dead, helping the dead pass on, and traveling to the afterlife. Death witches also honor ancestors, honor different cultures funeral rites, and necromancy.
Some witches combine the craft with vulture culture, or becoming a mortician or funerary holder.

Is death witchcraft religious?:

Yes and no. Considering how much work death witches do with the spirits of a dead, a general belief in the afterlife is necessary. However, I do know some death witches who engage in past life work as an aspect of their craft instead of working with ghosts. Death witchcraft has the flexibility of neatly fitting into most religious beliefs.

Is death witchcraft a "dark" path?:

If you mean "dark" in terms of "evil" or "negative," then no. Of course death witchcraft involves death, an idea that many people feel uncomfortable with. And it can be a hard and draining path. But evil? Or unethical? Not at all. With death witchcraft, you have the opportunity to heal yourself and souls around you.

Are there any rules in death witchcraft?:

I cannot enforce rules onto any path, but I will encourage one: respect both the dead and the living. The dead are not your slaves; they're just as valuable as we are. Respect them, and they'll respect you.



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