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collection of polarity in science that connected with Spells, Magic, Enchanting As the Egyptian is fascinated with part of the brain ("eye of Horus brain parts", "Egyptian Headdress", "cerebellum Egypt headdress") and body("canopic jar", "ib heart")

"So as above, So as below" Emerald Tablet

A.Become Opposite, up to become down, left becomes right, vice versa:

  1. "somatosensory cortex" & "Motor Cortex" in the brain which handles bodyparts oppositely 
  2. "visual cortex" in the brain project the image captured by eyes oppositely, crossed at "Optic Chiasm"
  3. "Decussation of the pyramid", "medullary pyramid" placed in "medulla oblongata"
  4. "sensory decussation" happened in the "spinal cord" 
  5. Celtic "tree of life" in accordance of "magnetic lines" or "solenoid" coil (it seems like only circling in the edge because it simplified, actually it become one in the center then spread again, the form of X, "decussation") & making Dinamo or magnet.
  6. the Hourglass figure, concave in the center "microcosmos" ( the analogy of body is a robot thing, that yourself small inside it, is the operator, so the controller room must be smaller than the battery room, movement arm, transmitter-receiver tools & sensors)

These decussations and bridge above make the signal in the  head & body works like in the shape of the "8" number eight symbol         (in '10. Brain-Body Balance Pathway' photo) that is "infinity symbol", "Cycle" and "knot", become One in the center "seat of the soul" nearby "Pineal gland"

B.Gradient of the frequency could be seen like in "rainbow spectrum" or "electromagnetic waves":

  1. "Brainwave", epsilon>delta>theta>alpha>beta>hyper beta>gamma>hyper gamma. 
  2. "Elemental", Solid(Earth)>Lyquid(Water)>Gas(Wind)>Plasma(Fire)>Ether/"Neutrino"?/"Higgs Boson"?/"Quark"?(Spirit){if you see the in "brain death" is without activity or brainwave, it's Plasma & Ether are leaving the brain, we could say in ["Near Death Experience", "microtubules" at the "quantum state", just leaves the body and not destroyed] just search that, it just lose the "Ka Vital Spark" like in Egyptian believe, also after that the brain lose its brainwave become almost zero, epsilon}
  3. "Chakra Colors", Red > Yellow > Green > Cyan > Blue >Magenta >White {the idea is "cmyk" & "rgb diagram" that every day we use in colorings, this is exact things, but if you see in the "Visible Light Spectrum" there is some bigger in orange and purple also there is no magenta [because the magenta color is not seen in the spectrum, but just mix blue and red ], but where is Cyan?, in some "visible light spectrum" there is Cyan, but why there is no cyan in chakra plus why in chakra system it just go far from throat to the third eye, where is the "trigeminal Nerve", "Facial Nerve", "Cranial Nerve"? } for further read in 'list of Hidden Knowledge Mystical Science' article
  4. Physical Plane > Etheric Plane > Mind/Mental Plane >Command/Will plane > Self plane {i don't use the term spiritual plane, because it too spread over many subjects} without low frequency there is no physical plane.

C.Philosophies over many cultures

  1. Yin & Yang from Chinese "Bagua", "TCM", "Meridian", "Feng Shui", "Flying Star Feng Shui", all sickness is provided because of something too much in some areas, while deficient in some sectors, Healtyness is achieved by balancing all elements in the body.
  2. "Chakra Balancing" system, too much energy in one part of chakra & in a bad case can cause energy leak, that wasted before we gonna use it, energy leak is usually a term used in "vampiric energy", energy leak can also be directed by using the victim attention, for long-range, because energy travel in high speed just like an electromagnetic wave, unbounded by matter.
  3. "Egyptian Duality" there is always twins of everything as isis(light) and Nephthys(dark) is a twin sister, energized in a different sector, Horus & Seth, Power of Sun and Power Of Storm, just like "Indra" and "Surya" competition in Hinduism pantheon, they also have separated descendant tree.
  4. "Twin Soul Reunion", "Twin Flame Reunion", is about the reunion of polarized soul, reunite to make system equibrilium, just like "Soul Mate", but people somehow weirdly biased romance with this. This is about "energy work" and has nothing to do with romance. 
  5. "Kybalion Polarity Principle" everything has its opposite 
  6. "Alchemy" Triangle pointed Up and Triangle pointed down as the center is the eye, point that system equibrilium happen, Apex of every pyramid. ( Pyramid is also described as pentacles, 4 to the earth /limbs, 1 to the sky /Head)

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