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You surely can have more than one elemental path, but most witches/wizards/wiccans prefer to follow only one element. If you're curious, you can try all of them and see which one suits you the most.

Step 1: Your Aura.

What is an aura? An aura is your energy, defined in colors- The colors define your mood and leads you to your element

  • Pink Aura- You're In Love, Aren't you?
  • Green aura- You should try the nature path. and you feel like going outside in fresh air, right?
  • White Aura- Goodness surrounds you!
  • Black Aura- Gloomy Today, Aren't we?
  • Blue Aura- Take a swim or a shower, you'll feel better- trust me.

How to figure out your aura? There are a ton Of articles/spells on that one, check them out later

For Pink, Try Love spells. For Green, Try natural and/or money spells. For white aura, Test your luck in lucky and right hand magic(k). for black spells, you sure are angry on someone, now i don't promote left hand magic(K) but it's your choice, as many Wicca's believe "If you feel that is right, do it". Blue aura, Try water spells more.

I Have explained Left and and right hand magic(k) in some previous articles.

Step 2: Exploring The Spells

Now, if you go to the spells section, you can find a large variety of spells- Some of which are left hand and some of which are right handed. But that is not supposed to bother you, do what feels right. There are 4 elements, and 2 types of magic(k)


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth

The 2 Types of magic(k) are:

  • White Magic(k) Or Aka. Right hand magic
  • Black Magic(k) Or Aka. Left hand magic

But remember, magic is always neutral, your energy makes it what it is. so the real magic is within you!

Step 3: Adopting your element

Think of this as of like adopting a pet, you need to care for your supplies you use in your magic, worship the gods (if you have) on a schedule or on daily bases, Just like playing with your pets, perform rituals and spells a little often, but not all the time, magic can't solve all of your problems!

Step 4: You are done!

Hopefully by now you have got your element and are now a basic Witch/wizard! Congrats!

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